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@rtweb Art Gallery

Eugene, Oregon's first online gallery, specializes in digital photography, but features new work in all two-dimensional media. Current exhibit changes each month.

35mm Cameras


Place the text, photos, and sounds that define your heimat (homeland) into this virtual museum. Not only do you visit, you can participate and interact.

24 hours in Cyberspace

This site was created to go along with the a book of the same name by Rick Smolan, creator of the "Day in the Life..." series books. 150 photojournalists were employed to document a typical day on the Internet. There are six different story themes you can choose to read from.

911 Pictures

Certainly, a most unique stock photography agency. 911 Pictures deals mainly with fire, medical and police emergency photos. Browse their photo library online and find out about the photographers behind the photos.

A History of Photography, by Robert Leggat

Although this is not a spectacularly designed Web site, it does contain a brief history of photography from it's earliest days to the 1920's. This site highlights the beginning of photography, significant people in it's early history, and the significant processes and movements that propelled photography into the medium that it is today.

ABC of Bird Photography

Includes a discussion about everything you will ever need to know about bird photography; essential equipment, habitat of the birds, hiding places, how to get close shots, overseas travel, whether to get prints or slides, shutter speed, and even how to use a tripod outdoors.

Aerial images

The best view, of course, is from above. This company's site specializes in aerial photographs of San Francisco and includes a section called "aerial abstractions."

Akis Productions

Digital Manipulation is the name of the game at this company's site. Check out examples of their work for BMW, Toshiba, and Volvo. If you're really curious check out the equipment and software they use.

Anderson Galleries

Exhibits the professional work of Richard Anderson, a professional photographer who specializes in portraits.

Ansel Adams—Fiat Lux

Exhibits Fiat Lux, the book of photographs Ansel Adams produced to commemorate the University of California's centennial celebration. Here, there are essays, a chronology, and some other links, as well as an exhibition of the photographs. You can place electronic orders here for these and other works by Adams and others.

Archive Films and Archive Photos

Are you looking for vintage stock photography? Search for archive film footage and photographs on this site—includes free samples!

Atlanta Photography Group

A group of photographers from Atlanta presents their photographs at this site. It is intended for students of photography, as well as others who might enjoy the visit.

Atlanta Photojournalism Seminar

This seminar has become an internationally known contest for photography. This site presents some of the winning photographs from recent exhibitions.

Barbara Glebska's Harrow Art Gallery

This beautiful site pays homage to the animal. Barbara use acrylics, photography & Adobe Photoshop software to create these digitally manipulated images.

Barry Anderson Photography

Presents a selection of photographs from Barry Anderson Photography.

BeyondBorders International Photo Gallery

This is an online photography exchange program that is linked to a gallery exhibit about festivals and celebrations worldwide. Submit your own photographs of celebrations to this site via FTP. You can also view a list of festivals around the world.

Black Mirages

These are the photographs of Alain Paris. They illustrate his vision of the African continent. Everything from native customs, to portraits of native Africans can be seen here. This site has both an English version and a French version.

Bodyscapes Gallery

This galley contains photographs of models(nude) interacting with their environment. Tour the landscapes of Alberta Canada, Aspen Colorado, Page Arizona and more.

Bryan's Photo Booth

This is the personal Web photo gallery of Bryan Pietersma of Toronto Canada. Black and white photography and hand tinted images are his specialty. A picture is truly worth a thousand words.

California Museum of Photography

Some photos, but mostly essays, are present at this site. Although a bit disorganized, this site is the home to a huge collection of photographs and photography materials.

The Channel Project

Channel supports arts events on the Internet. It was created by several visual arts organizations in the UK. Here you can find essays on digital photography and links to photographer's Web sites and several links to photographic organizations.

Chiossone Studio, NYC (

Beauty/Fashion photo studio in New York dedicated to editorial and advertising photography. Includes advertising photos.

Collected Visions

Family photographs collected from over 300 people are archived at this site as focus is turned from the nuclear outside world to nuclear families. Search the archive, create your own photo essay to go with these photos or submit your own family snapshots.

College Gallery

View great student photography work at this site. Different project themes are shown here - including self portrait and local environment.

CommCept L.L.C.

This company specializes in digital imaging, stock photography and image restoration. Read about their services and if you wish to see more of their fantastic work, you can send an email request to gain access.

Daguerrean Broadside

Daguerreotypes were invented by Louis J. M. Daguerre in the mid-19th century. From then on, history was not only written—it could be seen. You can see several daguerreotypes scanned in this special gallery and learn how to build your own daguerreotype collection.

Darkroom On-Line

Do you have questions about photographic printing or film processing? This site has the answers along with tips and how-to's.

dba Horse

This site offers the fashion model photography of Dorus Rudisill. Visit both of her galleries and enter the world of high fashion on this beautifully designed site.

The Digital Camera Club

This is a membership-driven site, though membership is free. Membership gives you access to an upload gallery, forums, classified ads and email news. If you have a digital camera, this is the club for you.

Digital Wave Imaging Gallery

Lots of great surrealistic photo imaging and photo montages. When you're done viewing these great images look at the related links or view past shows held by Digital Wave.

Eddy Blowey Photography

Eddy is a fashion photographer from the Lonestar state. But don't let this cowboy fool you, Eddy offers some great beauty and fashion shots at this Web site.

Escaping to Nature

This site serves as an online resource for photographers who enjoy the outdoors. Explore several landscape and wildlife photos. Then get tips from the experts on how to create your own nature shots.

Everyday Magic

These are the images of Jim Coe. Subjects include collages, the human animal, and others. Jim chooses to explore the ordinary, that everyday magic.

Figure 1: The Visual Sector

Dedicated to the anonymous pleasure of found photos. Accepts submissions of photos from people on the net, and posts them (see the Web site for more information). Also maintains a biased listing of photographic sites of passing interest for the Web community.

Foto Clix

This photography exhibit, courtesy of Allen Matheson, introduces pictures of aircraft, Hawaii, Texas, Wildlife and more! When you're done viewing his great snapshots, learn what equipment he used to take them.

Generations Gallery

Enter this photographic exhibit of one of Cleveland's most historic neighborhoods. Learn of the architecture and cultural diversity of this neighborhood visually. This is a very well designed site.

Glamour Shots Online

At Glamour Shots Online, you can learn about the makeover and wardrobe possibilities they offer to make your next photo session at Glamour Shots(R) Fantastic. Fill out an online form and you can take $5 off your next Glamour Shots photo session.


If you are beginning photographer, this is definitely your guide. Need help with buying a camera? What's digital imaging? Having trouble with your new found camera? Check this site out!

Hans de Kort Photography

Presents fashion and advertising photography.

Harry Bowden—Nature Photographer

Nature photography and 35mm film seem to be the passion of this artist's site. View the photo gallery that includes the photography of birds, animals and landscapes—perfect for the nature lover!

Home Page of Photographer, Sculptor David C. Franson

Offers images of David Franson's photographs and sculptures for viewing and for sale.

Images of Brazillian Music

Mario Luiz Thompson captures the history of Brazillian Music, presented richly in this Web site. The exhibit is divided in four ways: composers, male singers, female singers, and musicians.

Images Photographic Gallery

This site exhibits fine art photography and anyone can send their images in to be exhibited on this site. The artwork is for sale and proceeds go both to the artist and to fund this Web site that promotes the arts on the Internet. The site also includes an online forum to discuss the artwork shown.

Impact Studio

This site may be of interest to both students of photography and people in advertising and design. Some very skilled photographers flex their digital muscles with fine camera and computer work.

Jay Stoegbauer Photography

Provides a color portfolio by Jay Stoegbauer, a commercial photographer, who specializes in digital photography. This page includes information about why high-end digital photography surpasses scanned transparencies in quality, information about the tonal limitations of film, the dynamic tonal control of high-end digital photography, a discussion on the various types of digital cameras, and a discussion about color-bit vs. Number of pixels.

The Jazz Photography of Ray Avery

Traces jazz beginnings through records and photography. Also includes Ray Avery's online jazz exhibition, which is grouped into four major areas: The Lighthouse All Stars—Hermosa Beach and Laguna Beach; Nightclubs, Festivals and Concerts; Recording Sessions—Los Angeles; and Stars of Jazz—TV Series.

Kodachrome crush

A self-proclaimed "modern electronic gallery," this site is a bi-monthly exhibit of independent photographers, filmmakers and hobbyists. Anyone fitting in one of these categories is able to submit their work to be viewed on this site.


The granddaddy of the photography industry maintains this site where employees from Kodak show their photographic skills.

Michigan Press Photographers

News and feature photographers from the Michigan Press have this gallery. This site is well-maintained and well-designed.

The Mountain Gallery

This site is devoted to. . .you guessed it. . .mountains. These majestic beauties are the muse of Quang-Tuan Luong. This site features a unique slide-show presentation of his work and several photo-essays.


Figure studies and landscapes are featured at this site. Largely a study in the human figure, this site does feature some nudes (albeit tasteful).

National Press Photographer's Association


Northwest College Photographic Communications

Provides information about Northwest College's Photographic Communications. Northwest offers sample student portfolios, faculty and alumni portfolios, what courses they offer, and information about scholarships. They focus on commercial portraiture, studio illustration, photojournalism, digital imaging, medical photography, color lab management, public relations, aerial photography and freelance.

Online PhotoWeb

Provides links to several image enhancement software, such as Paint Shop Pro, Kai's Power Tools and Fractal Design. There are links to photojournalist, commercial graphics and design, commercial photography and imaging, personal photography, scenic photography galleries, sports, digital images collections, miscellaneous photography collections, clubs, photography instruction and schools, photo finishers, and camera and film supplies.

Pentax Home Page

This is the Web site of the famous camera manufacturer, Pentax. View their latest camera models and even take a camera quiz to find out the ideal camera for you. You can also participate in a discussion group on cameras.

Photo Shopper

This site boasts a "mall" where you can buy, sell, or trade your camera equipment. You can also place classified ads here free for 30 days. If you are not busy with trading your camera equipment, you can spend hours investigating their 21 online forums on photography!

Photo>Electronic Imaging

This is the online version of a popular magazine celebrating photography and digital imaging. Highlights of this site include tutorials on digital imaging, articles from the magazine and three online forums entitled: Digital Cameras, Printers, and Free for All.


This is a well designed site for a stock photography agency. Not only can you browse their online catalog, but you can also check out "in the loupe"—an online photo image magazine with featured photographers and "design mind" a resource for graphic designers,

Photographers on the 'Net

This site lists photographers in order to exchange ideas and information among other fellow photographers. Photographers are listed by geography and you are invited to submit your name into the list.

Photography by Bert Sirkin

View Bert's amazing landscape photographs and then move onto Bert's secrets of great photography including tips on exposure and composition.

PhotoGreen Homepage

This site dedicates itself to the subject of environmental conservation through the medium of photography. This site contains galleries, online news and an opportunity to become a member.

The Photojournalist's Coffee House

This site (as its name implies) features photojournalist's documentaries and photo-essays. Maintained by John Decker, this site includes his famous Covington's Homeless display.

photo newsgroup

Photos from the park

Topics illustrated here range from animals and aerial views to human body parts and travel shots. Another section of this Web site illustrates how to build your own darkroom.


Publishes the latest work of professional photographers, their home pages, an industry resource center, a bulletin board, and a new talent section.

Another great photography studio site. Photostudio's online showcase includes beauty shots, fashion photos, art photography and digital manipulations by the work of Carlos Chiosone and Alan Kaplan.

Polaroid Transfer Art, Peter G. Balazsy

Here you can learn about another photographic process —image transfer art. Read about the concept and process behind this unique photography and be sure to check out Peter's gallery of images.

Positive Visions

World Aids day inspired this Web site brought to you by the producers of the Collected Visions Web site ( Visitors of this Web site can read stories and see photographs of people affected by the aids epidemic. You are also encouraged to submit your own photographs and stories.

R. Josh Quarles Photgraphy

This is a fantastic portfolio of images by R. Josh Quarles featuring 4 galleries of photos. It contains lots of color photography and digital manipulation

Retouching in Photoshop

This site offers helpful advice for manipulating your digital images in this popular imaging software. Two lessons are offered on this site along with several tips. When you're done with your lessons, you can visit other Photoshop sites linked here for more great tips.

Ron Lowry's Home Page

Provides links, for digital photographers, to Adobe, Kodak, the Photoshop newsgroup, the Digital Imaging newsgroup, and the NPPA-L and Photoforum mailing lists.

Say Cheese

A photographic Cornucopia. This site features an online magazine for photographic issues, darkroom techniques, Dutch model agencies, photographic portfolios and a marketplace to buy and sell camera equipment.

Scott Freeman's Underwater Photography Page

Focuses on underwater photography in the northwest, namely Puget Sound.

Shutterbug Magazine

This is the online edition of Shutterbug, a popular photography magazine. Here you can see features and columns from the latest issue. But most helpful is an extensive list of photography clubs, photography links, and 80 practical photo tips!

The Social Construction of the American Daguerrotype

This online essay chronicles the history of the early form of photography. It includes four chapters and an extensive bibliography.

South Bay Underwater Photographic Society

Want to know more about this underwater photography? Learn more about this organization at this Web site. View some of the members' spectacular underwater photography and enter your own underwater photos in a contest!

Specializing in Natural Light and Nature Images

Provides several photos from Outland Images that can be used for personal use upon request. The library of images include plant life, national parks, Water, Buildings, Mountains, Skies and Sunsets. Note that images are no longer free.

Virtual Gallery (Korea)

Many of Korea's best photographers are featured here. You will have no trouble finding great photography, even though some of the menus are written in a misleading fashion.

Virtual Portfolio (London)

This site featuring some of London's most talented artists offers the opportunity to both view and purchase some of their stunning photographs (and some illustrations).

The Web Nebulae

Introduces a few of the spectacular objects that unfold in the night sky when you have a camera and a telescope.


WPPI stands for Wedding and Portrait Photographers International. Here you can find the history of this association and apply for membership online! Membership includes the monthly association newsletter and many other benefits. There is also a marketplace where you can purchase photography books and WPPI seminar videos.



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