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Animal Parks

National Zoological Park Home Page

Web site of the National Zoo. Includes a user questionnaire, news, and information, as well as a photo library. Also includes links to the Smithsonian Institution. Includes downloadable files that contain press coverage of the zoo. Coffee drinkers, take note: the site contains an interesting legend about Lewak coffee.

Neopolis Zoo

Meet Dupree the iguana at this animal-filled Web site. The page opens with a picture of a panda couple and offers links to other animal photos and sites on the Web.

San Diego Wild Animal Park

Lets you make an online visit the San Diego Wild Animal Park, a park that features animals in their natural habitats—without fences or cages. Offers a montage of the animals that live in the park.

Sea World/Busch Gardens

Contains an animal information database maintained by the Sea World Busch/Gardens theme parks. Includes “Ask Shamu,” a column that features animal-related questions. Also includes images on numerous zoo species and information on zoological park careers.

Singapore Zoological Gardens

Features information on the Singapore Zoo’s orangutans and tigers and offers a short video clip of the zoo animals.

Terry Polk's Zoological E-mail Directory

Archives e-mail addresses of professionals in the zoological fields, which also helps locate particular aquariums or zoos.


Provides an online tour of a zoo. Uses an image map to guide you from exhibit to exhibit.


Attempts to provide information about every zoo in the world. Includes the ZooLinks page, which offers jumps to hundreds of zoos and zoo-related information. Offers the ZooNet Image Archives, which features numerous jumps to online zoos and animal pictures.



This site, the home page of the National Audubon Society, provides information on the conservation issues and programs the Society is currently working on. Those campaigns currently target the marine ecosystems of the world, and bird sanctuaries that protect wildlife habitats. Learn about the Audubon's action agenda for the 104th Congress. You can also get travel, education, and membership information.

Birds, United States National Park Service (NPS) (Information Center for the Environment)

Provides a searchable index of birds in the United States National Park system. Includes information about NPFlora and NPFauna, national PC-based databases of vertebrate and vascular plant occurrences in the US.

Caring for Your New Bird

This 23-page book includes information on such as listings as local pet stores, mail order supply catalogs, veterinarians, and bird clubs. Includes info on choosing a breeders and choosing a bird, the first few days, handling your new bird, household safety, nutrition, diseases and injuries, and more. This page was chosen as a Hot Site by Starting Point, a WWW database searching tool.

The Eagle Page from Rocky Mountain High

Pays homage to birds of prey and provides a resource list of other related sites. A diverse site that provides info (or points you in the right direction) about the US Bald Eagle Protection Act, information on adopting an eagle, and poems and song lyrics about eagles.

The Fabulous Kakapo (Strigops Habroptilus)

Focuses on the Kakapo bird, a rare nocturnal, flightless parrot that’s native to New Zealand. Once prevalent throughout the area, the Kakapo population is slowly diminishing. There are only about 56 Kakapo left. This site details how New Zealanders are working to help the population recover.

Michael's Photo Gallery

Caters to the virtual birdwatcher and contains a plethora of photos, including Cardinals, Blue Jays, Sparrow, Robins, and Finches. Offers a straightforward presentation and includes links to other sites as well as other nature photos.

The Pet Bird Page

With facts about everything from the Maroon Bellied Conure to the African Gray Parrot, this site serves as a guide to pet birding. Includes FAQs and newsgroup connections in addition to specific information on most of the major breeds of commonly domesticated birds.

UAS Home Page

Introduces aviary practices. Provides software on aviculture and birding.

United States Fish and Wildlife Service Home Page

Offers information on numerous species (both endangered and non- endangered), including migratory habits and habitats.

Virtual Birding in Tokyo

Provides exquisite pictures of wild and domestic birds in Tokyo, Japan.


Cat Fanciers' Home Page

Provides cat-related information. Offers numerous FAQs on different cat breeds, feline health, and care issues. Offers links to show schedules, cat organizations, ftp and gopher sites, as well as links to commercial sites, picture sites, and cat owners’ home pages.

Cat House (EFBC/FCC) Home Page

Contains pictures and some audio clips straight from the cat's mouth. The Cat House (a.k.a. the Feline Conservation Center) is a desert zoo that contains a variety of wild cat species. More than 50 cats, representing 13 species, live at the compound. Includes photos of recent births.

Cats On the Internet

This photo-filled site primarily features links to other people's World Wide Web pages about their cats. The page includes five browsing categories, as well as a link to the author's own personal Web page, for her cat Maggie. Listen to a "hello" from the nation's first cat, Socks.

Happy Household Pet Cat Club

The Happy Household Pet Cat Club (HHPCC), a 28-year-old international organization, is geared toward cat owners who want to exhibit their feline companions in cat shows. HHPCC’s Web site offers access to a bi-monthly newsletter, membership information, and info on how you can get the most out of showing your household cat in shows.

Index of /multimed/pics/feline

Lets visitors view and/or download images of lions, tigers, cougars, cheetahs, and other large cats.


Features many photos of Siamese cats. The site includes a link to the Traditional Cat Association Home Page.

LAL Cat Archive

Offers pictures of cats—many cat pictures in GIF format, many of them quite large. Also contains links to more cat pictures as well as other cat-related sites. Lets you send your cat's picture for display.

Savage Studios Homepage

Features information on cats of all shapes and sizes. Offers links to big cat organizations and the Zoe Foundation, which is dedicated to helping endangered, large cats survive.

The Traditional Cat Association Home Page
The Traditional Cat Association (TCA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the health, longevity, and physical characteristics of cats. The group’s objectives include establishing a registry for Traditional cat breeds, and to bring back and maintain the “old style” look of each breed. This site includes links to cat breeders, a newsletter, photos, membership information, and more.

The Zoe Foundation

The Zoe Foundation is dedicated to helping endangered large cats avoid extinction. Funds are raised through product sales, licensing, and donations. The special focus of the foundation is on the Indochinese tiger, panthera tigris corbetti. View photos of some big cats, get info about foundation products, and learn how you can join the preservation effort.


Akbash Dog Home Page

The Akbash Dog is a livestock-protection dog found in rural Turkey. This site lets you view pictures of Akbash dogs, read their history and breed description, and learn about Ashkash Dogs International and its rescue program.

Bernese Mountain Dog Home Page

Focuses on the Bernese Mountain dog. Includes photos, links to mailing lists, FAQs, information about getting a Bernese puppy, and links to owner sites.

Border Collies

Picture-filled site that provides special information on border collie e-mail lists and an FTP site dedicated to border collie information. Includes information for those individuals thinking about getting a border collie, as well as an online training manual.

Borzoi Info Online

Provides information on the Borzoi breed. The Borzoi is a large hunting dog of Russia. Includes pictures and a link to the Borzoi Geneology Database. Also offers articles and links to additional general dog-related information.

Canine Activity Calendar

Provides a one-stop-shopping list of canine shows scheduled throughout North America.

Canine Vaccination Schedule

If you're a pet owner, you know how difficult it can be to keep up with your pet's inoculation schedule. However, there is an easier way: visit this site, which contains a schedule for canine vaccinations from age 6 weeks on up to 18 months. The site also provides descriptions on how each vaccine is administered and describes the illness the vaccine treats.

Caucasion Ovcharka Info

Focuses on the Caucasian Mountain dog, a flock guardian that has served as a livestock guard, a home guardian, and a fighting dog. Includes special information on the national club for this breed, and contact information for the Caucasian Mountain Dog Club of America, Inc.

Choosing a Dog Breed

Offers guidance and suggestions to those who are thinking about getting a dog. Includes answers to a list of frequently asked questions. Includes a list of reading resources, including books and links to other sites.

Dog Breeding

Covers how to properly care for and raise a dog. Includes tips. Discusses aspects of several different breeds. Includes the electronic version of the Merck Veterinary Manual and information about CompuPed, a pedigree management program.

Dog Play

Gives pet owners something different to think about—animal-assisted therapy. The author of this site details the experience of using dogs to help reach out to the elderly and confined individuals. The site includes links to organizations involved in animal-assisted therapy, books and publications on therapy dogs, and links to other dog-related sites.

Dog Term Glossary

Presents terminology both common and uncommon to the canine field. Provides many links to additional sites, as well as pointers to other parts of the glossary. Also contains contact information for Humane Societies and the American Kennel Club.

Greyhound Starting Gate

Did you know you can play a greyhound’s ribs like an air guitar? Well, not really—but at this site, you can learn the other “Top 10” reasons you should adopt a greyhound. This site focuses on finding homes for retired racing greyhounds. It provides background information on the greyhound and its history in the United States.

Pomeranian Dog Home Page

Provides information on the Pomeranian. Includes links to pictures, history, and breed standards, as well as information on other links related to the Pomeranian.

Portuguese Water Dog Index

Offers information on the Portugese Water Dog, also referred to as the Fisherman’s Dog. Offers links to other related sites, including the Pacific NW Portugese Water Dog Club site, which incorporates HTML 3.0 background imaging techniques.

The Pug Dog Home Page

This thorough site presents the Pug dog, a member of the Toy group. Find out why this dog is a great choice for potential pet owners who live in a dwelling with no outdoor yard or dog run. The site also provides a guestbook to record comments for passers-by.

Rhodesian Ridgebacks

Offers information on e-mail lists of owners of the Ridgeback dog (sometimes called the African Lion Hound), a native of South Africa. Presents a list of frequently asked questions, for potential owners of Ridgebacks.

Rottweiler Home Page

Thinking of getting a Rottweiler? Check out this site, which contains listings of Rottweilers across the country that need a home. This site also contains smaller images designed to identify links that provide more information.

Schipperke Page

Includes information and pictures on the Scipperke breed of dog (pronounced “schipperkey”). Features a list of additional sites that offer information on canines, including medical projects and veterinary studies.

Tibetan Mastiff Home Page

Focuses on the Tibetian Mastiff breed of dog. Includes Tibetian Mastiff-related links to clubs, pictures, purchasing, and information on relevent health matters.

The Visual Rhodesian Ridgeback

Focuses on the Rhodesian breed. Contains some links to adorable pictures of the young ridgeback and the owners that love them. Provides additional links to other canine sites.

Westies Home Page

Displays pictures of small terriers and doggie cartoon images. Also provides information to other terrier-oriented sites.


The Dolphin Alliance

The Dolphin Alliance is a citizen’s action group established in 1992 that works to preserve dolphin and whale rights and the protection of their environment. The Alliance has several goals, including working to stop all capture of whales and dolphins within U.S. waters. The group hopes to do this through public education and legislative reform.

Dolphin Information Server—Home Page

Serves as a simple resource for pictures and information on dolphins, killer whales, and other marine mammals. Includes information about Keiko (the whale in the motion picture Free Willy).

The Dolphin Page

Provides information on the dolphin, including protection issues, research, and sound and graphics.

The Wild Dolphin Project

The Wild Dolphin Project was started in 1985 to study the history and communication systems of Atlantic spotted dolphins in the Bahamas. The project focuses on understanding dolphin behavior, interactions, and communication. This colorful Web site offers information about the project and includes photos, background info on dolphins, and information on how you can join an expedition.


Electronic Zoo/NetVet—Ferret Page

Ferret lovers, come together! This site contains a listing of links to other sites and other helpful info for ferret owners, including a link to the American Ferret Association, Inc. the California Domestic Ferret Association, and Ferret Lover's Clubs throughout the country.

Ferret Central

This site includes FAQs, veterinary information, and a photo gallery of ferrets. Includes links to a mailing list of ferret owners and links to related sites.

Ferret World!

Did you know there are approximately five to seven million pet ferrets in the United States? That fact and more can be found at this Web page, which offers lots of ferret-related info on topics such as: "Care and Keeping of Domestic Ferrets," "Going on Trips with Your Ferret," and "What Is Your Ferret Eating?" View ferret pictures in the Photo Gallery.

General Information

Amphibian and Reptile Collection

Describes the MVZ reptilian/amphibian collection, which includes more than 200,000 specimens from around the world. Includes a few pictures. Also contains a link to information about their animal tissue collection, which can be used for DNA research.


Contains an abundance of information about all kinds of mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles, and butterflies. Offers many links to other animal specific sites.

Animal Rights Resource Site

The Animal Rights Resource Site, sponsored by the Envirolink Network, provides information for those involved in the support of animal rights. An icon-based menu takes you to FAQs, journals, the latest news, and extra resources. Includes information about the annual International Animal Rights Symposium in Washington, DC. Information on vegetarianism and veganism also is available at this site.

The Bunny Thymes

The Bunny Thymes is a bi-monthly newsletter that contains articles by veterinarians, book reviews, vegetarian recipes, children's pages, and information on rabbit care. Visitors to this site can subscribe to the newsletter online.

Donald Firsching's Chicken Page

Did you know that the average American eats 20 chickens a year? That’s according to Firsching Enterprises, the sponsor of this site. This page includes other “cool chicken facts” and “great chicken connections” (links to other sites/info). Contains links to information on the history of chickens, the poultry industry, and how to raise and care for chickens. Also offers hen and rooster .WAV sound files.

Endangered Species

Provides information on endangered species. Contains a large list of extinct species and clickable image maps that identify at-risk species by region.

Exotic Pets

Online exotic pet shop. Specializes in birds, reptiles, frogs, ferrets, iguanas, snakes, hedgehogs, chinchillas, emus, fish, turtles, chameleons, sugar gliders, wolf dogs, rabbits, and more. Lets you place classified ads for buying or selling (for a fee). Also includes an Online Exotic Pet Breeder Directory.

Getting a Pet

This sight will come in handy for those who are thinking of getting a dog or cat and need advice on where/how to get started. The site offers information on choosing a breed, descriptions of different types of animal shelters, advice on why you should avoid pet stores, and the truth about puppy mills. Includes links to related sites.

The House Rabbit Society Home Page

The House Rabbit Society is a non-profit organization that works to rescue abandoned rabbits and find permanent homes for them. The Society also educates the public and assists humane societies. This Web site offers information about rabbits that are available for adoption, plus pictures and bios. It also offers links to Web sites of HRS local chapters, and provides general information about rabbits as house pets.

How to Put Your Pet on the Web

So you want to show the whole world that great photo you took of Tabby or Buttons, but you don't have your own Web site. No problem—Pet Pages will post your pet's photo on the World Wide Web for you. It's easy and free. Just follow the instructions and soon your friendly feline friend or favorite pooch can be seen online by other pet enthusiasts.

Index of /animal_gifs/

Contains an archive of stock photos of animals. Indexes animals by species.

Inter-species Telepathic Communication

Do you believe humans can communicate telepathically with pets? If so, you're not alone. This site describes one dog owner's experiences in communicating telepathically with her dog, and includes submissions by other pet owners who detail similar communications with their animals. This page also refers you to reading material on the subject, videos, and workshops around the country on inter-species communication.

Nature Subject Page

This photo- and graphics-laden site features photographic artwork of animals in their natural habitat. It also includes screen savers of nature shots that users can download—for a small fee. Includes photos of other nature venues, and links to other sites about nature and travel.

Pet Care Corner

Authored by Lowell Ackermann, a board-certified veterinary dermatologist and author of 34 books on animal health, this site provides answers to owner's questions about their pets' health.

Pet Grief Support

For pet owners who are grieving over the death of a pet or an ill pet, this site offers support and encouragement. One highlight is the Monday Evening Candle Ceremony, a weekly event in which people across the country (who have lost a pet) light candles in memory of their departed companions. The site also includes the Rainbow Bridge story, which provides an answer to the question: "Where do our pets go when they die?" (You might want to keep a tissue handy for this one.)

PetBunny Home Page

PetBunny, which includes a mailing list for rabbit owners, is an open forum for people who are interested in discussing rabbits. The discussion includes such topics as diet, behavior, and medical problems. The site includes a few links to specific rabbit home pages.

The Remembrance Page

This site, which offers an outlet for grieving pet owners, includes poems, tributes, and photos from owners who want to share memories of animals. Visitors can also access links to pages that contain tributes to specific dogs, cats, and birds.



Provides sales information about horses and horse-related gear. Includes links to the red bluff bull and gelding sale.

The Horse Zone

If you're looking for a horse to buy, or need a saddle or other riding gear, the Horse Zone might be what you're looking for. This site contains that information and more. Home of the Equestrian Resource Center, this page contains a listing of classified ads, a discussion group, and a photo gallery of horses.

The Horseman's Advisor

This Web site serves as a clearinghouse for articles and products on horse-related topics. Includes a discussion forum, classifieds, and links to other sites.

WWW Library—Livestock Section

This strictly-basics Web site provides a listing of horse resources, including information on breeds and selection, horse publications, publications on diseases, disorders, and parasites of the horse, and general information such as behavior and training, buying a horse, care and horse shoeing, nutrition and feeding, and more.


Canada Whale Watching

Provides information about the lesser-known whale species in the Canadian seas. Also includes information about whale-watching tours in New Brunswick on the Bay of Fundy, in which more than 20 types of whales have been sighted.

Welcome to the Tirpitz Whaling Web Page

Focuses on whales and the whaling industry. Provides links to the latest news, FAQs, organizations, Internet whale information, and literature on whaling.

Whale Adoption Project Home Page

Learn how you can adopt a humpback whale for yourself or as a gift for a friend. View photos of humpback whales and learn how the whaling industry is threatening the survival of this species. Features "Whalewatch," a newsletter of the Whale Adoption Project.

The Whale Information Network

The Whale Information Network (WIN) works to assist the research, understanding, and conservation of some 25 species of whales and dolphins. The site includes photos, whale-watching guidelines, whale facts, and background info on whales throughout history.

Whale Songs

Presents the sounds of whales. Includes a small archive of audio files.

The Whale Watching Web

Serves as the whale-watchers network on the Internet. Offers pictures, information about whales, information about countries around which whales are active.


Adam's Fox Box

This colorful, graphics-filled, and award-winning site gives you the scoop on everything you ever needed to know about the fox. Points you to articles, books, stories, songs, and poems, photos, and more. Great site for kids and adults alike.

Antarctica and Its Environment

Examines the ecosystems and wildlife, including fish, seals, whales, penguins, and sea birds, on the Antarctic continent. Includes descriptions how wildlife have adapted to the extreme cold of Antarctica, such as fish that have been able to adapt to temperatures blow the freezing point of their body fluids.

The Bear Den

This site, which contains a wealth of information and photos about bears, provides up-to-date information about initiatives to protect endangered grizzlies. Describes the evolution of bears and details the different species, including the Brown, Polar, and Panda bears. Includes a link to The Cub Den, a new Web site for children that contains bear info geared to young readers. A sound file lets you hear a bear roar.

Cochrane Wildlife Reserve

Focuses on reintroducing the swift fox species back into the wild. Stylish, colorful, and contains good reading. Includes links to other sites, such as the International Wildlife Coalition and the African Wild Dog Conservation Fund.

Deer Net

Focuses on the impact of humans on Canadian wildlife and their habitats. Provides interesting facts on the grizzly and livestock diversification. Provides some species information including the white tail deer, which can be found in every state in the Continental U.S.

Eastern Slope Grizzly

Concerned about human land use and grizzly bear mortality, environmental groups and other agencies formed the Eastern Slopes Grizzly Bear Steering Committee in 1994. This group works to identify and implement research that will predict the effects of development on grizzly bears. This site describes the Committee’s activities and also includes photos of grizzlies.

Frontier Technologies' Lion Gallery

Did you know the lion's tale is the only one in the cat family with a tassel at the tip? Learn about this and more lion facts at this colorful and photo-filled site. The award-winning Web page boasts several contributors' submissions—in the form of photos, factoids, stories, and other items about lions. Take a moment to hear a lion roar.

GORP—Nature & Wildlife

Provides information about almost any conceivable animal-related topic—from bird watching to protection/preservation societies, including the U.S. National Parks, U.S. National Forests, U.S. National Monuments, and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.


Focuses on the much maligned and misunderstood spotted hyena, a carnivore that roams the deserts of Africa. Includes lots of photos. This award-winning site garnered the “Point Survey Top Five Percent of the Web.”

Introduced Wild Animals in Australia

Provides detailed information on Australian wildlife evolution. Takes an intriguing look at the impact of animals, such as the cane toad, English starling, rabbit, and fox, that were introduced into the Australian ecosystem—and subsequently altered the habitat of the wildlife already there.

Kaehler's Mill Farm

Contains information about Galloway cattle and Targhee sheep. Describes a farming technique called Management Intensive Grazing. Interesting site for those curious about cattle and sheep farming.

Kids' Action: Rainforest Animals

This site gives a kid’s-eye view of the animals from the tropical rainforest, one of the oldest ecosystems of the world. Explains why more species live in the rainforest than any other area of the world. Answers other FAQs.

Lion Pictures of the Month

Exhibits a monthly gallery of fine feline photography. Contains not only lots of photos, but also links to other sites and the “Lion Factiod of the Month.” Lets you download a .WAV file that a lion roar. Winner of the “Magellan 3 Star Site” award.


This site focuses on llamas, the South American camelid. Contains pictures of llamas, the lineage of specific llamas, and all about llama shows, products, literature, and llama associations. The site has been voted among the top five percent of Web sites by Point Communications, and also received a four-star rating by Magellan.


Provides information on the habits, habitat, diet, and just about anything else you would want to know about the manatee. Sponsored by Sea World Education Department, this site also contains links to Sea World of Florida, Texas, California, and Ohio.

OSU's Breeds of Livestock

Showcases a comprehensive list of the various breeds of livestock, including cattle, goats, horses, sheep, and swine. Sponsored by the Department of Animal Science, Oklahoma State University, this site also provides background information and terminology on animal breeds.

The Polar Regions

Offers links to arctic wildlife and resources, including wolves, foxes, polar bears, and Antarctic life.

Turtle Trax—A Marine Turtle Page

Provides information on marine turtles, which are larger and more interesting than the ones from the store. Also points out that marine turtles are endangered and explains the issue, including how you can help.

Wolf Resource Page

Lists wolf resources and provides special reports on wolf-related news throughout the country.

The Wolf Studies Project

Includes a chance to listen to the howl of the wolf, pictures of wolves, and links to newsgroups that cover wolves.

The Wolf's Den: Home Page of Wolf McSherry

This site provides information on wolves and wolf recovery, as well as Native American info, amateur radio, and more. Provides updates on brutality incidents against wolves. Includes wolf photos and graphics.

Wombats, Marsupials, and Other Animals

Serves as a resource site for marsupials as well as other kinds of existing and extinct species in the animal kingdom.

The Wonderful Skunk and Opossum Page

Do you know the difference between a possum and an opossum? Find out about that and other interesting facts at this Web site. Contains drawings and newsgroup information, skunk and possum trivia, stories, photos, further reading, and a little historical perspective about these two critters.

The World Wide Raccoon Web

Features pictures, stories about raccoons, raccoon wildlife management, and links to a raccoon lovers' mailing list.




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