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Internet Resources

Access Providers

Charm Net Personal IP Page

Provides information on how to connect your computer directly to the Internet. It leans toward PPP and MS-Windows, but includes information for users of Macs, Windows, Windows NT, and OS/2.


The information hotline for online hipsters. Also just happens to be a service provider and/or consultant to some of the largest corporations in the world (Visa, Pepsi, K2 Sports).

EFF's (Extended) Guide to the Internet

Features a list of Internet providers by state, and describes e-mail, Usenet groups, FTP, Telnet, and BBSs.

Enterprise Internet Services

Acts as a major provider of Internet Services based in the Isle of Man, British Isles. Also specializes in providing Web-based applications that utilize a secure Netscape Commerce Server. Offers a diverse and extensive Web server for all applications.

Fountainhead Internet Systems

Full-service Internet presence provider based in Los Angeles, California. Provides Internet hookups, consulting, Web page design, and training. Also publishes the Los Angeles Superstation.


Award-winning Internet presence provider based in Beverly Hills, California. Contains hundreds of free home pages, organized into neighborhoods reflecting various sites, such as WallStreet or Hollywood. Presents a thriving community, including in these bustling GeoCities live video feeds from all over as well as the freshest hotlists.

GTLug ISP Index

Lists Internet Service Providers. Lets you you find ISPs by area code or by clicking on a map of the United States. A new feature critiques providers.

How To Select an Internet Service Provider

Describes what you should look for when you set out to purchase an Internet connection. Includes information on network topology, network link speeds, technical staff, and more.


Provides Internet consulting to get you connected with a service provider and up and running on the Internet. Provides downloads of Web and Internet software, along with contests, giveaways, and much more.


A service provider that also presents information on navigation aids and search utilities, help files and FAQs, and other Internet services.

Medius Communications, Inc.

Medius Communications Inc. provides corporate Internet access and presence services, enabling organizations to plan, build, implement, and promote complete online information and application services.

Mojoski Net Tools

A group of experienced Internet professionals who provide Net access to the world. Offers finger and Archie, with more tools on the way.

The NetAccess Worldwide List

Offers a list of Internet access providers from every continent in the world.

NETCOM Online Communications Services, Inc.

Contains information about Netcom, the nation's largest Internet provider. Offers local access numbers online for subscribers on the go. Subscription information available online.

Valiquet Lamothe Inc.

Offers access to Internet. Provides information on links to French and English sites. Also provides information on tourism and levels of government.

Browsers & Interfaces

About Web/Genera

Provides Web/Genera, a software package that uses Mosaic version 2.4 to integrate Sybase databases into the Web. Offers downloadable alpha-mode (pretest) software.

The Cyberspace Connection

Offers a variety of resources, from search engines to personal and commercial Web links. Provides "your jumppoint to Cyberspace."

Easy Mosaic and Introductory Web Surfing

Serves as a basic primer on using the Mosaic Web browser. Provides a history of how information was disseminated before the Web.

Global Network Navigator Home Page

Presents GNN, the creators of the Web browser Mosaic. Provides information on Mosaic and GNN's Internet access service. Includes their Whole Internet Catalog and offers perusable online publications on virtually every topic.

The Internet Group/Internet Business Center

A Web and Internet resource and home page provider. Offers Manage! IT, a browsing tool.

Chats, Messaging, & Conferences

Internet Conference Calendar

Lists upcoming conferences, syposia, conferences, and workshops related to the Internet. Lets you use the submission form to add your own events to the calendar. Also lets you list upcoming events geographically. Provides links to separate pages for each event listed, if available.

Internet Relay Chat Games

Offers information and history on the most popular games played on the IRC network. Offers information on Risky Business, Chaos, Boggle, and Acrophobia.

The IRC Galley

Serves as a place where people using IRC can put up images of themselves. Lets you search by country or name.

The IRC Poker Channels Home Page

Offers everything you need to know to play IRC poker. Lets you play poker with people anywhere in the world in real time.

MeGALiTH's Sensational Visual IRC Beta Home Page

Visual IRC is the first of a "new generation" of IRC clients for Windows, incorporating state-of-the-art file transfer, audio, and advanced IRC features. Features channel surf and other great features. Grab the latest beta from this page.

Quarterdeck Global Chat

Formerly owned by Prospero. Focuses on adding live interaction to the Web. Lets you download the software for free and offers discussion areas.


A Swedish company that provides the Internet e-mail and Web product EMBLA.

The World Wide Web Consortium
Offers information about the upcoming WWW International Conference. Also offers a wealth of information on various Web issues, such as security, HTTP, and graphics standards.

Worlds Chat

Provides a 3D multiuser chatting system. Lets you utilize images and sound while you chat with others, interacting through your computer instead of with it.

Cyberspace Issues

BBN on the World Wide Web

An online version of BBN magazine. Offers an Internet tutorial, an Internet timeline, the BBN Planet, press releases, and job postings.

Blacklist of Internet Advertisers

One of several blacklists targeting Internet advertisers who violate "netiquette" when hawking their wares. Provides more information on the issue and advice on what to do to avoid getting blacklisted when you advertise on the Internet.

c|net: the computer network

c|net: the computer network, creators of c|net online and the television series c|net central, is an on-air and online interactive showcase for computers, multimedia, and digital technologies.

Censorship and the Internet

Offers a growing collection of links about censorship and associated issues on the Internet. Offers resources on the legal and ethical issues of running a Web service.


Presents an off-world 21st century town with spectacular graphics that load quickly. Offers many areas to explore, including the Spaceport, the Time Machine, and the mysterious Cyberhood.

EFFweb—The Electronic Frontier Foundation

A non-profit civil liberties organization working in the public interest to protect privacy, free expression, and access to online resources and information. Includes many online resources and references. Contains EFFector Online, its publication.

The Executive Guide to Marketing on the New Internet

Online paper that focuses on the effects of the Internet on business. Talks about the changing role between the Internet and the marketing executive. Speculates on the future on the Internet.

The Hermes Project

Presents an ongoing research project that is trying to determine the commercial uses of the Web. Offers an online consumer survey for people on the Web.

The Information Economy

Formerly called Economics and the Interent, this site provides a collection of documents related to information goods, intellectual property, and related issues. Includes high resolution slides.

The Internet Companion

An online version of the Internet Companion: A Beginner's Guide to Global Networking, 2nd Edition. Provides book review and answers such questions as "Who runs the Internet?"

The Internet Society

The closest thing to a governing organization to be found on the Net. Offers information services, ISOC chapter data, conferences and papers, and Internet standards.

Mapping the Internet

Presents Gordon Bell, one of the pioneers of the Internet, discussing his views on the direction in which the Internet now should proceed. Discusses his proposal for ending the problems with limited bandwith and the increased traffic on the Internet. Includes a slide show and sound bites with the presentation.

Netscape: J.P. Morgan's Equities Research

A rather large report by J.P. Morgan associates on the impact the World Wide Web has and will have on business. Includes useful tables and appendices.

NetWatchers Legal Cyberzine

A monthly e-zine that reports on legal developments in cyberspace and the online world.

SurfWatch Home Page

Presents SurfWatch, a program for reducing the risk of children uncovering sexually explicit material on the Internet.

What's New in Japan

Provides information on recent happenings or recent changes on the Web in Japan. Offers a Japanese langauge version of the site.

Educational & Tutorial Listings

A Beginner's Guide to Effective E-mail

Presents a beginner's guide to effective e-mail. Talks about the ways to express intonation and gestures thru e-mail. Gives information on page layouts and format of e-mail as well.

The Center for the Application of Information Technology

A consortium whose mission is "to be a center of learning in the field of information management and to provide our member companies with world-class educational and leadership programs."


Europe's leading electronic magazine. Serves as a complete and in-depth beginner's Internet guide. Provides information on how to hook up your machine, how to use information to your advantage, and more. Also provides a history of the Internet.

Global Institute for Interactive Multimedia

Provides information and guides for teaching people how to create a home page. Divides the information according to the audience: for example, provides a different tutorial for teachers than for business owners.

Glossary of Internet Terms

Lists and defines Internet and computer-related terms and acronyms.

Hideki's Home Page: How To Use Japanese on Internet

Provides information about how to use Japanese on the Internet. Offers many links to Japanese resources, including information on Netscape's Japanese Capable WWW Browser. Also provides many links on Japan.

How To Search a WAIS Database

Provides information on how to begin and structure a WAIS search. Describes how to use Boolean operators, wild cards, relevance ranking, and so on. Offers a tutorial on using a WAIS search engine.

ICC Seminar Series

Provides information for businesses concerning security, firewalls, and server design and implementation.

INFO Online

Focuses on "Information Networking For Oncologist" and specifically provides information for physicians dealing with networks, integration, and pharmaceutical companies. Also provides information for people involved with oncology, including patients.


An online library at the University of California, Riverside. Aims to make resources available to UCR students and staff, but is open to the public. Offers many online card catalogs and articles.

Information Resources

Although focusing primarily on the University of Michigan School of Information, also offers links to a variety of Internet resources.


A site for browsing the Internet and locating specific resources. Features Internet resources, guides and tutorials, news and weather, library resources, fun and games, a reference shelf, and a miscellaneous section. Includes several original search engines, as well. 34 million visitors can't be wrong.

Internet Learning Center

Offers tutorial columns, as well as "where to go" columns. Also includes links to Unix Reference Center, Hyptertext Guide, Rinaldi's Netiquette, Odd de Presno's Online World book, and other Internet resources. Past columns are archived.

Internet Web Text

Hypertext guide to the Internet, written by Internet guru John December. Begins with Internet orientation and clicks through all the major Internet tools. Highly recommended.

Introduction to the Internet II

One of several prototype classes and texts sponsored through the Globewide Network Academy. Introduces the user to various resources available via the Internet, with particular emphasis on allowing a neophyte to access GNA services as quickly as possible.

Kids on Campus (Cornell Theory Center)

The Cornell Theory Center sponsors Kids On Campus as part of its celebration of National Science and Technology Week. The purpose of this event is to increase computer awareness and scientific interest among Ithaca-area third, fourth, and fifth grade students. Hands-on computer activities, innovative videos, and exciting demonstrations help the children develop interest and excitement in computers and science.

The Multimedia Help Page

Provides quick access to sources of multimedia tools and tips on the Web. Also provides links and tips for video production, search engines, and production tools for the Apple Newton.

The Net: User Guidelines and Netiquette, by Arlene Rinaldi

Offers a collection of user guidelines and netiquette for the Internet. Discusses legal and ethical issues involved.

Netscape Tutorial

Gives a step-by-step tutorial on using Netscape. Can be very in-depth. Allows for different levels of expertise.

The Online World Resources Handbook

Provides practical advice on using the Internet to get information or programs. Breaks topics down into various topics, such as how to get free expert assistance, how to read your electronic daily news, and more.

Patrick Crispen's Internet Roadmap

This is the Internet Roadmap online training course, available in HTML. This is a well-written tutorial, and very user-friendly. A must for any school Internet coordinator's bookmark list!

Setting Up Shop on the Internet

Provides information regarding commercial-use strategies, including do's and don'ts of online marketing.

Surfin' the Net

Introduces the Internet via a video made "with two real people." Ideal for beginners, skeptics, or the perpetual questioner.

Teach Yourself the Internet Support Page

Provides a structured tutorial to teaching yourself how to use the Internet and all of its tools in 21 days. Targets beginners, but serves as a good tutorial overall. Spends one week teaching the basic Internet tools, then other weeks focus on the personal and professional uses of the Internet.

UK Index Beginner's Guide: the Net

Serves as a beginners guide to using the Internet and includes pointers to more resources.

Web Weavers: Tools for Aspiring Web Authors

Provides a comprehensive listing of Web tools and techniques, including a link to CERN and a sample page and search engine.

Winsock Connections

Explains both the hardware and software issues concerning setting up your Windows PC to access the Internet. Explains where to get the software you need and how to configure it. Also provides information on creating HTML documents.

Writing the Information Superhighway

Offers information regarding how to write literature for the Internet (originally an online class at University of Michigan). Lets you direct questions to the professors who originally taught the class. Also includes a linked bibliography of other sites.

Youth Quake

Serves as a destination for computer-literate youth. Plans to cater to education all around the world.

Zen and the Art of the Internet

Serves as a beginner's guide to the Internet. Offers information on the search engines available. Even offers a section on how to create a newsgroup.

Guides, Tours, & Cool Site Resources

Best of the Net

A listing of favorite resources, picked by the editors of GNN.

Cool Site of the Day

Connects you to the cool site of the day on the Internet, determined by the moderator. Works better than a random-site connector because the sites are more likely to be pretty cool.

Exploring the Internet

Introduces you to blindspinning, spinning around and then going in a random direction. So, provides all sorts of random links. Also a link to What's-New lists, searching tools, subject directories, server and other directories, tutorials, multimedia exhibits and demonstrations, computer information, weather, and more.

Glass Wings

A site whose stated purpose is "to have fun, help improve the state of the world, inform, provide an interesting and useful commercial site, and have fun (yes, I intentionally mentioned fun twice)." Provides a collection of links and a search site for only fun and nonbusiness-oriented stuff. Includes an online mall where you can buy things, links to humorous sites, and more.

GNN Select Top 50

Offers the 50 most-accessed links in GNN Select over the past week.

The GNN Tour

Provides a graphical interface that shows the locations of all the GNN sites around the world.

Guided Web Tours

Through the use of "server-push," presents guided tours of the Web. Best with Netscape and audio support.

A Handy Guide

Serves as a complete guide to thousands of sites on the Internet and Web. Lets you search by category or company name, and teaches American Sign Language (ASL) as you go.

The High-Tech Investor

Written by an investment and markets reporter at the Toronto Globe and Mail, this site discusses investment-related resources on the Web and offers a collection of links to some of those resources.

Internet Resources

Contains pointers to more than 100 guides, lists, and indices of documents that help you learn how to use the Internet. Includes pointers to The December and Yanoff Lists, Patrick Crispen's Internet Roadmap (in HTML), The Awesome List, and many others.

Internet Tour

Overviews the Internet. Incorporates many graphics and a laid-back attitude. Shows you how, for example, to check the stock market, find a government document, or send birthday flowers.

Meta-list of What's New Pages

Offers a collection of links to all of the different Internet What's New sites for Web. By the author's own admission, "the Web is growing so fast that this document can be considered, at best, a historical artefact."

Mirsky's Worst of the Web

Provides an alternative to the many sites that serve up a "cool" site of the day or point you to "great" places. Offers links to sites that exemplify why some people shouldn't be allowed to make their own Web sites.


More than 3,200 links to dazzle and amaze you! If Web surfing were any more fun, they would have to ban it! Everything you could ever want is here and categorized so it is all easy to find. Web addicts beware!

Overall Knowledge Company, Inc.

Overall Knowledge Company, Inc. is a general Web preseance provider with an emphasis on the film and television trades as well and the arts and entertainment industries. Also publishes several industry-specific directories on the World Wide Web.

Point Survey and Escort

Provides a large collection of reviews of Web sites. Rates sites for content, presentation, and experience. Includes more than 1,000 reviews across many categories. Helps you get started on the Web with answers to common questions and guided tours of browsing software and sites.

A Thousand Points of Sites

Generates random Web site links. Sends you to a Web site randomly selected from its listings when you access.

ThreadTreader's WWW Contests Guide

Presents ThreadTreader's WWW Contests Guide[rm], a complete, current compilation of contests on the Web. Provides easy ways to browse through an extensive index of online contests, drawings, raffles, sweepstakes, and other prize-oriented promotions. Even lets you add your own contest to the ThreadTreader's Guide.

The Today Page

Offers a collection of links to sites that change daily; for example, includes links to news, your horoscope, and weather photos.

UnderWorld Links

Offers some of the more offbeat links. Provides Star Wars information, audio and video clips from movies, weather maps, and more.

The Unusual or Deep Site of the Day

Offers links to sites that provide some sort of intellectually stimulating purpose.

The Virtual Town City Limits

Contains many links to stores, public offices, and other things you might find in a real town. Lets you manuever around it the way you do around a real town.


Lets you search the site to find links to all sorts of random things. Also lets you add your page to the existing categories.

HTML & Other Languages

The Bare Bones Guide to HTML

Lists every HTML 2.0 tag and most of the 3.0 tags, with a special section on the Netscape extensions.

A Beginner's Guide to HTML

Presents a beginner's guide to HTML. Talks about linking to other documents, troubleshooting, and creating forms. Focuses on Mosaic but includes other browsers.

Cerebral Systems Development—Home of Webber™

Offers Webber™, a fast, friendly, and flexible HTML editor for Windows. Provides full-featured help, including HTML tag descriptions and an easy-to-use validation system to help you create valid HTML documents. Lets you download Webber as shareware; also offers a registered version.

ColorEditor for Windows

Provides a standalone MS Windows shareware to assist the Web page author develop a HTML page color scheme using extensions to the HTML 3.0 specification. Provides a Style Box that enables users to edit, save, and retrieve color schemes. Runs on Windows 3.1, Windows 3.1 for Workgroups, Windows 95, and Windows NT 3.5.

David B. Martin's VRML Page

Provides a decent page of Virtual Reality Modelling Language (VRML) links, describes what VRML is, and offers a little bit about its inventors.

HTML Info Page

Lists HTML-related information. Encourages you to add links to other informational pages. Includes links to CGI, forms, image maps, tables, and lists. Includes information on the latest developments in these areas.

Introduction to HTML: Table of Contents

Presents a guide to authoring Web pages. Divides sections by different images, lists, and anchors. Gives information on how to take advantage of Netscape functions.

The Personal Home Page of Bob Hunter

Focuses on testing HTML coding examples and pushing the limits of hypertext markup language and all of its extensions.

A Primer for Creating Web Resources

Offers a list of links to HTML resources. Also offers links to Perl and CGI languages for creating top-of-the-line Web pages.

tkHTML Editor Information

Presents tkHTML, a simple HTML editor based on the Tcl script language and the Tk toolkit for X11 that enables you to quickly compose and edit HTML-formatted documents, as well as rapidly convert text documents to the HTML format.

The Web Letter, a Guide to HTML/Web Publishing

Serves as an HTML resource. Includes a newsletter, video, and training books, as well as numerous links to help you build your own Web.

Web Resources

Serves as a complete Web resource site with HTML commands, software for publishing, searches, libraries, and high-speed Web host connections for your company or home page.


Aether Madness

Provides online version of the book, Aether Madness: An Offbeat Guide to the On-line World. The site contains the full original text, with hypertext links to most of the places recommended in it.

All-Internet Shopping Directory

Serves as an easy-to-use, fast-loading central hot link to products, services, malls, and stores on the Web. Selected as one of PC Magazine's top 100 Web sites (2/13/96).

Ansible's Web Page Design Services

Helpful to anyone from newbies to expert Internauts, this site offers links to online Internet resources, software, search tools, and a list of favorite Internet sites.

Argus/Univeristy of Michigan Clearinghouse

"The Premier Internet Research Library," this site serves as a clearinghouse for subject-oriented Internet resources guides. Lets you submit your own guides or obtain guides written by people on various Internet-related topics.

Aspen Systems Corporation

Provides complete Internet services. Offers requirements and needs analysis, Internet publishing services, systems support, and customer support. Specializes in identifying, gathering, and analyzing online information.

Association of Internet Users

An organization for individuals and companies seeking to effectively promote their products or services on the Internet. Benefits of membership include the INTERNET REPORT newsletter, free DNS registration, e-mail forwarding service, and Internet insurance.

Association of University Technology Managers

Features resources for the technology transfer profession, once called the "unknown profession." Offers links to other resources. Also includes information about AUTM (publications, membership, events), job postings, and a way to search lists of technologies you can license from more than 20 different university, government, and organizational sites in one query (via a harvest gatherer).


Utilizes Netscape and connects you to a different Web site every 12 seconds. Lets you find totally random sites with little effort. Also lets you change the amount of time between connections.


Provides information, software, and links related to Web-authoring and automated cybernetic delivery. Offers a download site for Web hot spots, an image map editor, and the Cyberspace Shuttle Loading Kit (a toolkit for creating single-step Web smart Zip files).

Babbs's Bookmarks

Monthly column featured in Boardwatch Magazine. Focuses on Web sites that help you make the most of the amazing resources available on the Web.

Banana Report Easy Visual Basic Tips

Provides a way for Visual Basic programmers to get quick tips and techniques that solve common Visual Basic programming problems.

Canada Net Pages

This page's stated goal is to "be recognized…as the most comprehensive resource of Canadian business and finance data." Also provides links for various pages, such as Canada Net Financial Pages and Canada Net Business Directory.

The Canadian Internet Handbook/Advantage Home Page

Presents guides to Internet access in Canada. Lets you add your Canadian Internet address to the handbook, find out more about their publications, send the authors e-mail, and more.

The Categorical Catapult

Offers a database of more than 3,250 links in 160 categories, organized hierarchically.


Provides information specific to Canada. Lets you search the database by clicking on the geographical regions on a map or by using standard keywords.

Commercial Services on the Net

Provides a collection of links to commercial Web sites on the Internet. Lets you search by a word or name of a company.

Common Internet File Formats

Provides information on the different file types and formats on the Internet. Each blurb about a specific file type also gives links to obtaining readers for that type.

Connect, Inc.—Audio Innovations

Harnesses the power of audio on the Internet. Provides applications that let you instantly update your Web page(s) or e-mail applications by simply picking up your telephone and calling a fully automated system. Also qualifies as an authorized AT&T 900 service bureau, so can set up and run any 900 or 800 voice or data application.

CRAYON—CReAte Your Own Newspaper

Serves as an interactive news agent. Lets you choose from sections such as News, Sports, Entertainment, and others to find the best periodical information on the Internet. Lets you organize it into your own personal newspaper—you might never read a print publication again.

CSUSM Windows World

Provides virtually any Windows shareware. Lets you search the entries by keyword. A GNN "Best of the Net" nominee for 1995.

The E-Minder Free Reminder-By-E-mail Service

Offers to send you automatically-generated reminder messages for any event or occasion for which you register. Requires an e-mail address, but otherwise is completely anonymous. Lets you specify the number of days in advance you want a reminder. Provides a simple e-mail interface that you can use to list or delete reminders.

Economics of Networks Internet Site

Provides information and links to the economics behind all networks. Includes downloadable papers on topics ranging from network compatibility to financial networks.

EINet Galaxy

A search site provided free of charge by TradeWave Corporation. Includes general topics and sublists under each of these. Also offers a list of job opportunities.

FLFSoft, Inc. Home Page

Develops Windows-based utilities and Internet software and services. Features Web Spinner, a Windows-based HTML editor.

FutureTel, Inc.

Possesses leading technology in both compression and telecommunications, so is uniquely positioned to serve the needs of the digital video publishing and distribution markets. Provides the most complete solution to the challenges of distributing and publishing digital video both on CDs, and wired and wireless networks. The company's digital video publishing product line includes PrimeView, a family of real-time PC-based MPEG encoders, and MPEGWORKS, a comprehensive encoding control software package for human assisted or pass-through compression.


An independent consulting company, based in Toronto, that specializes in getting businesses and organizations on the Web as simply and as inexpensively as possible.

Internet Info Store Directory

Tracks commercial activity on the Internet. Offers special reports online about financial service firms, public software companies, and venture capital firms on the Internet.

Internet Resources Newsletter

Free monthly Web newsletter. Focuses on higher education and the Internet. Features lists of new Internet resources, plus other items of interest.

Internet Servers for the Mac OS

Contains many links to Macintosh-specific software packages for running a Mac-based server. Topics include mail servers, mail gateways, ftp servers, telnet servers, and so on.

Internet World

An online version of this popular magazine devoted to the Internet. Allows you to search back issues by cover or by keyword.


Touting itself as "all Net, all the time," this site offers Internet news, features, resources, and tools. Supported by Mecklermedia, publisher of Internet World magazine.

Life on the Internet

Provides a large collection of links to many resources on the Internet. Gives sources for browsers, software, page development, and more.

List of WWW Archie Services

Offers a list of hypertext links to archie (archive) servers. Helps you find files anywhere on the Internet. Lists archie servers that use forms and others that don't.


Offers a directory service that provides easy-to-use name to e-mail address mapping.

Media Connection of New York—Links Page

Offers a collection of links to Web resources in or about New York City.

Monster FTP Sites List

A comprehensive listing of anonymous FTP sites.

Network Hardware Suppliers List

Look here to find a list of recommended used telecommunications and hardware dealers. These dealers have been recommended by various people all over the Net. As the author states, "Caveat Emptor."

Newton Online

Newton Online provides business consulting (and a quirky sense of humor) for companies who want to compliment marketing and communications strategies by using the Internet.

Omega West

A site with something for everyone. Well-organized into a hierarchical structure, everything from business resources and financial tips to a broad spectrum of entertainment and Web developer resources. Omega West, an international distribution and services company, will soon have an "intelligent interface" that is capable of adapting to users' actions. This, of course, will mean that return visits and continued interaction will provide users with a personalized interface.

Presence—An Information Design Studio

Focuses on providing innovative and effective marketing solutions through the Internet. Also includes many interesting Net-related links.

Q-D Software Development

Presents the creators of WebForms, the Web forms generator, and WinBrowse, the multiple-PC database utility. Also includes a variety of shareware programs available for download.

RealAudio Home Page

Provides RealAudio, software you can use to both record and play your own sound. Many Web sites use RealAudio on the Internet to provide audio.

Sibylla: The WWW Software Development Kit

Provides information on Sibylla, a development kit geared toward creating Web software whose purpose is to provide access to information sources (such as company databases) through the Web. Also provides pricing information on the software.

SpectraFAX Corp. Home Page

Describes fax broadcast and fax-on-demand technology. Also compares costs for reaching United States markets via fax and via postal service from locations outside the United States. Introduces the SpectraFAX Service Bureau and lets you use an online form to arrange for fax services.


A business information site sponsored by the Canadian federal government's economic flagship department, dedicated "to the success of all Canadian businesses at home and abroad."

SWITCH—Swiss Academic and Research Network

Presents SWITCH, an Internet Service Provider that interconnects all Swiss universities, many libraries, and research labs, as well as other Swiss and international organizations. Also presents the WWW Rent-A-Page service.

Timothy W. Amey Resource Links

Offers a collection of resource links and information regarding OS/2 resources, OS/2 advocacy, Lotus resources, Intel alternatives, religion, Ford advocacy, and IT/IS resources.

The Virtual Tourist

Provides a graphical map interface that you can click on to find and then jump to Web servers operating in many countries around the world.

Washington Web

Presents an online guide of Internet resources for the greater Washington D.C., area.

Web Week

An electronic publication that serves as a repository of Web-related topics. Categories include News, Commericial, Intranet, Products, Under Construction, Industry, and Opinion.

Welcome to Netscape

Offers information about the new security measures being built into HTML; also offers a downloadable version of Netscape for Windows 95 and technical support.

Windows95 InterNetworking Headquarters

Offers Windows

95 shareware, Internet setup information, networking across the Internet, and more.

WorldTel Global Marketing Network

Lists businesses and individuals offering products, services and/or opportunities to the world market.

Searchers & Databases

Business Directions International

Internet search directory using numerous search engines to find business sites on the Internet.

The InterNIC Directory of Directories

Contains an index of links to various resources, products, and services on the Net, including agriculture, the arts, business, dictionaries, education, health and medicine, religion, sports and hobbies, and weather. Lets you add your site.

Four11 White Page Directory

Lets you search for people and their e-mail addresses and Web pages. Contains more than 5.5 million listings. Lets you register and put your name on the directory.

A Business Researcher's Interests

Provides more than 2,800 sites relevant to contemporary organizational issues related to information processes, information systems, and information technology. Categories include electronic markets, organizational learning, emergent organizations, WWW design, and journals and magazines.

College and University Home Pages

Provides links to the Web pages of more than 750 colleges and universities around the world. Provides information on schools. Lets you search alphabetically or just browse.

COMMA Hotlist Database

Provides a graphical searchable Web database. Lets you choose your search criteria from their list and then searches and gives you an output list. Also enables you to add your own hotlist to the database.

Database Demos

Shows how you can set up your Oracle-based database management system (DBMS) for access via the Web. Good for creating your own search engine or providing Web access to large bodies of information.


Serves as a search site for finding resources for the Internet. Arranges areas by subject.

Index of Australian Indexes

A meta-index of Australian Web-site indexes. Over a dozen are described, with links to each.

International Business Resources on the WWW

Serves as an index of business, economics, trade, marketing, and government sites with an international focus.

The Internet Pearls Index

Features collections of the best of the Internet. Includes sections for beginners as well as comprehensive coverage of topics such as business, medicine, jobs, cinema, shareware, astronomy, futuristic technologies, fun, cartoons, comics, virtual reality, and more.

The Internet Sleuth

Offers a collection of more than 500 searchable databases on a wide variety of subjects. Offers links to a search form or page that lists a number of related searchable databases. Also lets you search by keyword or browse alphabetically or by category.

Joel's Hierarchical Subject Index

A lesser known but fairly thorough search site.

The Lycos Home Page: Hunting WWW Information

Provides a Web search engine. Contains more than 5.5 million Web pages in its database. Provides context for evaluating whether a document or page is relevant to your search.

Media Logic's Index of Economic and Financial Resources

This index of resources is provided by Media Logic as a service for the Internet community. It provides a searchable index of data, news, and services that are of interest to investors, researchers, and other members of the financial community. Unlike many other Internet indices, all entries here are subject to editorial review to ensure that they are useful, relevant, and current.

The Mother-of-all BBS

Seeks to collect all Web addresses of all companies, universities, research centers, government agencies, research projects, and hardware and software annoucements, into one searchable database.

The NET Compass

Serves as a meta-index for searching the Web by subject or by keyword, and for searching FTP software by file name or by file description.

New Riders' Official World Wide Web Yellow Pages

The online version of this book (with thousands of additional sites). Searchable by keyword. Obviously the most complete and useful search site available. (Talk about your shameless plug!)

The New User's Directory

Presents a large collection of links to information. Offers tips for specific kinds of computers (MAC, IBM, Unix, and so forth), links to search engines, and more. Also provides information on how to create Web pages and download software.

NlightN: Finding What You Want To Know [el]Now

Claims to be "the Web's largest library of meaningful information." With a single query, the NlightN Universal Index searches the Web, World News, Online Databases, and traditional reference sources.

Nothin' But Net

Nothin But Net (NBN) is a complete Internet Encyclopedia covering more than 200 categories packed with 2,500+ non-commercial, resourceful Internet sites. Provides a sample excerpt from the A-B categories, as well as full ordering information.

Planet Earth Home Page

Search site on the Internet, organized like a library. Offers a library floorplan that you can use to browse the sites in its database. Also lets you search the database by keyword.

Publicize Your Home Page

Provides a collection of links to various search engines. Focuses on connecting you to the part of these search engines that allows you to register and add your own home page.

Recondite Reference Desk

Serves as a starting place for Web searches. Features an online form that is linked to the search forms of major data sites, including nine different (and popular) search engines.

Search, Find—Internet Resource Locators

Provides a graphically oriented set of links to search engines on the Internet, such as Open Text Web Index, InfoSeek Search, and others.

Searching the Web

Provides information, strategies, and links to searching for information on the Web. Offers links to searching services, searching software, and searching references.

Formerly the Virtual Software Library, offers a tool for searching for shareware and freeware on the Internet.

Starting Point

Offers "everything you need to work the Web every day." Provides a starting site for finding information on the Web. Offers many links.

Starting Points for Internet

NCSA's comprehensive links to Internet resources. Includes Gopher, Veronica, Finger, Usenet, WAIS, and many others. Also presents representative Web home pages. Highly recommended (nay, essential).

The URL-Minder: Your Own Personal Web Robot

Presents the URL-minder, your own personal Web robot, which retrieves your registered URLs regularly and reports back to you by e-mail when they change. The URL-minder also runs searches on Web databases regularly and lets you know when anything new that matches your search shows up. It also keeps track of the places you've been, so you can spend your time (and money) doing new things on the Web.

Virtual Libraries

Offers links to collections of information, based on the subject matter of those sites.

VSL Front Desk at the OAK Repository

Lets you enter a keyword and the engine searches the major Internet shareware archives for the program you want.

WAIS Access Through the Web

Provides information about WAIS, a system that allows you to retrieve documents from databases via full-text searches. Allows you to search by name or by topic.

WebAnts™ Home Page

Provides information about project WebAnts, to develop an information retrieval system for the Web using cooperative agents. Offers information about their approach and current progress reports.


Possibly the most popular search site on the Web. Considered to be the place to go for anything, as long as it isn't too technically oriented. Offers links only to sources, which is different from something such as Lycos, which also searches directories and files themselves.

Statistics & History

Economic FAQs about the Internet

Presents a collection of FAQs about the economics behind the Internet. Discusses the technology behind the Internet, the NSF backbone.

Internet Business Center

Provides information about conducting business on the Internet, Includes Internet statistics, maps, and charts. Also lists hot sites and services.


A service provider that offers automated usage statistics, bookmarks, counters, and online tutorials. High-powered clients are also candidates for the Rampage of the Month. Web directories are organized by user name.

World Wide Web: Origins and Beyond

Gives the origins of the Web and also talks about some of the other uses of hypertext, such as the Xanadu project. Discusses some disadvantages of the Web and offers information on Project Xanadu.

Web Publishing

5 Top Internet Marketing Successes of 1994

Showcases Tenagra Corporation's picks for the top Internet marketing success stories of the year. The 1995 winners are Federal Express, Ragu Spaghetti Sauce, Yahoo!, NetPOST™, Software.Net, and Virtual Vineyards.

Artzilla Surf Constructions

A group of designers and illustrators who left the corporations and now do what they love—provide the Web with high-quality graphics.

Building Web Servers


Provides a collection of information and links to information on how to create a Web, FTP, or Gopher server. Covers most operating systems, including Windows, Macintosh, and UNIX. Includes a tutorial.

The Business of the Internet

Introduces the Internet for commercial organizations. Offers information about the structure and history of the Internet, how the Internet can help business, and how to connect your business to the Internet.

Carter & Associates WEB Studios

Specializes in Web page construction for individuals and companies who want to advertise on a personal or corporate scale on the Internet. Offers to create and maintain an established business presence on the Internet, customized to the personal tastes of clients.

Copyright Website

Provides copyright information for the general public and interested parties. Includes categories of fundamentals on copyrights and issues related to copyright over the Net. Also contains a section for relevant sources and links.

Dunn & Edwards Services

Provides a variety of services and resources related to career and employment, hypertext résumés, and home-page services and development.

Dynamic Diagrams Home Page

Focuses on the organization and presentation of information in print and electronic forms, interactive publication and prototype design, SGML applications, Web servers, and computer kiosks for museums.

Free Range Media, Inc.

A full-scale Web production and Internet services company with expertise in creative design, new technology, and account management. Specializes in keeping track of the newest tools. Produces a wide variety of Web-related products. Also shares many tips and techniques.

Home Space Builder

A 3D Web authoring tool that enables you to create a 3D home space using a standard Windows personal computer. Offers shareware and commercial versions.

Image Alchemy Digital Imaging

Presents a gallery of digital art and photography, traditional art, and photography. Offers services such as photo retouching and manipulation. Also designs Web sites.

Image Compression for Publishing Online

Provides information about Johnson-Grace company, a multimedia software development that developed an image compression format called ART. Suggests that using ART enables image compression three times more efficient than when you use .JPEG or .GIF.

Internet Business Connection

A virtual mall specializing in home page development and marketing services to any business seeking an Internet presence.

Making Money on Internet

Offers information on electronic publishing, Internet economics, education, and other areas.

MultiMedia Dimensions—New Horizons in Sight and Sound

MultiMedia Dimensions is a full-service interactive multimedia and Web page design and consulting company helping people find the right business solutions for their needs and budget.

The NetWorXs of California

Offers a full range of Web home page authoring and design services. Also offers full turn-key systems, including training in-house personel so that you can enhance your Web server as your services or products change.

new3, Inc.

new3, Inc. is a leading edge Website architectural and development firm. With high-level technical knowledge of programming plus a creative focus, new3, Inc. has played a role in bringing some of the best sites to the Web. Their speciality is areas of development considered too complex for many developers.

Program One Online Service

Helps businesses and individuals learn and exploit the new Internet culture. Provides information about Internet marketing and explains how companies can survive their ride on the Information Superhighway.


Provides cutting-edge technology blended with award-winning traditional design to offer interactive multimedia services, Internet presences, and Web pages, CD-ROM and CD-I authoring, interactive touch-screen kiosks, and corporate communications.

Stannet WWW Designing and Publishing Company

Focuses on authoring, designing, and publishing Web pages for businesses and individuals. Performs custom graphics work. Maintains and upgrades customers' sites as needed. Offers to meet customers in the greater New York City area in their offices.

Vannevar New Media

An Internet publishing and applications company that puts business on the Web. Located in Houston, it boasts a strong NASA influence.

Web Developer

An online publication for programmers, Webmasters, network administrators, and other technically oriented personnel responsible for developing and maintaining software, hardware, and security on the Web.

Web Publishing Australia

Introduces you to a professional Web publishing and promotion company based in Queensland, Australia.


Web page creation service. Focuses on posting and maintenance, logo and graphic design, photography (including improvement of existing photographs), image maps, online newsletters, and getting your page listed in directories like this one, among others.

Winfield Design Group

Internet site developers and Internet providers. Will design an Internet site from primary concept to completion and to the final indexing of the site and/or home page around the globe. Offers CGI scripting, C++, Perl, and programs.

WorldWide Information and Netcasting Services

A full-service Internet marketing and communication company specializing in Web page design, product/service marketing, form CGI programming, and graphic design.





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