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Internet Resources



The Calendar

An information leaflet from the Royal Greenwich Observatory, this page details the history of the calendar as a method for keeping track of the passage of time.


Offering a list of links to other calendar pages, CalendarLand is a comprehensive resource of general, event, celestial, interactive, and cultural and religious calendars. The site also offers links to calendar indexes and directories, calendar information and resources, and calendar software.

Calendars and Their History

This site reprints an essay by L. E. Doggett about the history of various calendars, including the Gregorian, the Julian, the Hebrew, the Islamic, the Indian, and the Chinese. Additionally, the essay explains the astronomical bases of calendars, calendar reform movements, and historical eras and chronologies. This site is an important first step for anyone trying to understand where calendars originate and how they are created.

Chinese Astrology Calendar

By using this simple interface, you can click any year in the Twentieth Century and be given a chart that tells you, for example, that 1996 is the Year of the Rat and that 1997 will be the Year of the Ox. The backgrounds at this site are beautiful, but might be slow to download.

Compact Calendar

This site will generate a calendar, in the year of your choosing, which you can then print onto a single piece of paper.

Conversion Between Chinese and Gregorian Calendar

Enter either a Gregorian or a Chinese date and this forms-based site will convert your date into the other.

Ecclesiastical Calendar

The Ecclesiastical Calendar site offers Christian calendars for any year you specify. The calendar calculates when Easter and its attendant Christian holidays (Ash Wednesday, Good Friday, and others) will fall in a particular year and also when other feast days in the Roman Catholic tradition will occur. The Web author explains the various algorithms used to calculate Easter's date, discusses when certain cultures adopted the Western method for determining the Easter date, and even posits that current formulas for determining the Easter date might not be valid in the far future.

Gregorian-Hijri Dates Converter

Converts Gregorian dates into the Islamic calendar.

The Hebrew Date for Today

This site translates today's Gregorian date into the Hebrew calendar (for example, 20 April 1996 is 1 Ayar 5756) and offers a list of upcoming holidays.

Heichal Shlomo Interactive Calendar

This frames-based calendar from Virtual Jerusalem offers the Hebrew calendar. Clicking a hyperlinked date brings up information about events and religious observations on that date and even "translates" the Hebrew date into the Gregorian (or Western) calendar.

Home Page for Calendar Reform

This site details several attempts that have been made to reform the Gregorian calendar. Included here are the World Calendar, the 13-month calendar, and the Positivist Calendar, in addition to a history of calendar reform.

J World

Billing itself as a "comprehensive calendar of birthdays, holidays, historical events, and fun dates", J World's interface allows you to look up a date, either within the current week or one of your choosing, and find a list of celebrities and historical figures born on that day plus holidays and historical events that occur on that date.

Leap Years

This page, from the Royal Greenwich Observatory in Great Britain, reprints an Information Leaflet the Observatory published explaining the astronomical reasons that leap years exist.

Literary Hyper Calendar

Offering a "this day in literary history" service, the Literary Hyper Calendar has an interface consisting of the calendar for the current month. The calendar is a clickable imagemap and you simply click the date in which you are interested. In addition, you can choose from a list of other months and days.

Olivian Calendar

Another 13-month calendar proposal, this one lightly humorous. Common to all 13-month calendar propositions are 13 months of four weeks and 28 days. In this way, January 1 falls on the same weekday, year after year, unlike the current calendar, in which January 1 falls on a different day from one year to the next.

One-World Global Calendar

Offering festivals, celebrations, and holidays from ancient and modern cultures around the world, this is an excellent multicultural resource. The calendar is updated weekly.

Ron Smith Oldies Calendar

This calendar offers a this-week-in-rock-and-roll-history service, which details the anniversaries of births, deaths, and famous events occurring in that week.

Steffen Thorsen's Calendar Page

This page displays a calendar for the current year and offers, in addition, calendars for any year that you specify. You can look up the day of the week on which you were born or find out which weekday will begin the new millenium (Monday, January 1, 2001).


1990 U.S. Census Lookup

Contains links to WWW servers for accessing 1990 census data from tapes.

TIGER Mapping Service

This site, a service of the United States Census, generates detailed maps of anywhere in the United States. Images are large and, because the service actually creates the maps while you wait, download times can be slow.

U.S. Gazetteer

Search engine for retrieving state and local census information from the 1990 census.

Dictionaries & Thesauri

ARTFL Project: ROGET'S Thesaurus Search Form

The ARTFL (American and French Research on the Treasury of the French Language) Project, located at the University of Chicago, have provided this online version of Roget's Thesaurus. The interface is simple--type in the word you want, and the form will return synonyms and antonyms. This site is among PC Magazine's Top 100 Web Sites.

The Climbing Dictionary

Browse only dictionary of rock/mountain climbing terms in English, along with translations in German, French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, and Polish.

Dictionary of Cell Biology

Searchable cell biology index. Is the online counterpart to The Dictionary of Cell Biology, 2nd ed., plus some additions.

The Free On-Line Dictionary of Computing

Searchable dictionary of computer terms. Along with the definition of the term, the site also provide hypertext links to the terms in the dictionary alphabetically immediately before and immediately after the requested term. Also includes a list of links to other reference sites -- some general Internet reference sites, some specifically computer reference sites.

Hacker's Jargon;sk=B41155D9

Both browsable and searchable by keyword. Dictionary of computer terms, especially those used by hackers.

Hypertext Webster Interface

A simple way to look up word definitions on the Web. You type in the word you want, click Look up definition, and, within seconds, the Interface returns the definition of the word. For example, a search on "frontier" brought back the word, broke the word down into its components (fron-tier), and provided the definition.

LC Thesaurus for Graphic Material: Topical Terms for Subject Access

This site is for catalogers, indexers, and researchers looking for subject terms to use when indexing or researching pictures and photographs. It can be both browsed and searched by keyword.

STING software engineering glossary

Searchable by keyword. In addition to definitions of terms, also provides links to sites with more information about selected term.

The WorldWideWeb Acronym and Abbreviation Server

As simple as it sounds, this site offers a dictionary of acronyms and abbreviations. You can even offer new acronyms to add to their list or request an acronym definition via e-mail if you cannot access the Web.

English Language

The 11 Rules of Grammar

Another grammar reference, this site explains the eleven rules (according to the author, these are the most common errors he's seen while grading papers) and offers both correct and incorrect examples of the rules in action.

The American Dialect Society

This site, dedicated to the study of North American English, offers information about ADS publications, meetings, and membership. The site also contains an online version of the Society's newsletter, a link to a Gopher site containing an index of American speech, and information about the ADS mailing list.

BritSpeak: English as a Second Language for Americans

Have you ever heard anyone say, "I'll knock you up tomorrow morning"? This statement would be shocking only if you didn't realize that, to the British, the term knock up means to awaken someone by knocking on that person's door. This site attempts to clear up many such opportunities for misunderstanding, and provides a dictionary that converts British words and phrases to American and vice versa.

The Collective Nouns

If a group of fish is called a school, and a group of lions equals a pride, then what is the name of a group of whales? Would you believe a pod? This fun site catalogs well over fifty collective nouns, many of them humorous. For example, you might see a colony of penguins, a siege of herons, a bunch of things, or a giggle of girls.

Cool Word of the Day

As you might imagine, this site provides an exercise in vocabulary-building. The page's best feature is that, when the page first appears on your screen, all you see is the word itself. If you don't already know the word's meaning, click the Definition link below the word. The interface also allows you to view past words or even submit a cool word of your own.

The Electronic Beowulf

A project of the British Library and the University of Kentucky, the goal of The Electronic Beowulf is to make available, on the Web, access to digitized photographs of an early manuscript of Beowulf, one of the earliest surviving works of English literature. This project, in addition to making the manuscript much more widely available for study, would also allow the manuscript to be studied through electronic and computerized methods which would otherwise be impossible.

The Electronic Text Center at the University of Virginia

This site contains thousands of texts, in Modern, Early Modern, and Middle English, plus French, German, Japanese, and Latin. Here you will find fiction, science fiction, poetry, theology, essays, histories, and many other types of materials. This site is excellent and thorough. Although a huge number of these texts are freely available, some texts are available only to users at the University of Virginia--the licensors of these texts have not permitted the University to make them widely available.

ENGL 310: History of the English Language

This page is the Web-based supplement to a course taught at Texas A&M University by Dr. Anthony Aristar, a Professor of English. You will not earn course credit on the Web, but you won't be expected to sit for the mid-term or the final, either. You will, however, learn about the Indo-European and Germanic roots of English and trace the development of English from its Anglo-Saxon beginnings up through its emergence as a world language.

The Etymology of First Names

Aaron, Zoe, and all their friends will be interested to learn the origins and meanings of their names at this site, which will also provide plenty of ideas for parents to be.

Grammar and Style Notes

Quick! What's the difference between affect and effect? Jack Lynch has the answer and he's offered it up on this site, an online guide to the complexities of English grammar. Lynch clearly explains the difference between commonly confused words, defines terms such as dangling participle, and offers his own opinions on a variety of style issues.

The Logical World of Etymology

Melanie (no last name please), the creator of this site, offers an abundance of information about word origins in this site. In addition to explaining how words are created and providing information about Greek and Latin roots and affixes, she answers etymology-related questions that have been e-mailed to her. Recent words included jazz, mafia, Cheyenne, and passion.

Old English Pages

Catherine N. Ball, a linguist at Georgetown University, has developed these pages devoted to the study of Old English. The page contains links to electronic texts, manuscript images, and the historical context of the language. Professor Ball has even included downloadable font packages to display Old English characters that no longer exist in our language.

The On-line Books Page

Over 1500 English-language books are offered on this site, which you can search or browse by author or by title. In addition, you can browse new book listings or browse by subject. Philosophy, religion, science, computer science, literature, law, and medicine are among the subjects you can browse.


This is the home page for the A.Word.A.Day mailing list, which sends a new word and its definition to your e-mail box each day.

Word for Word

Another site detailing the origins of words and phrases, Word for Word reprints installments from Terry O'Connor's column of the same name appearing in the Queensland (Australia) Courier-Mail.

The Word Page

Build your vocabulary! (Or, to express it another way, Augment your lexicon!) This page offers ten new words and their definitions a week. This week's offerings included transcendental, soliloquy, aesthete, and multifarious.


A lexical reference work, WordNet is designed to map out the relationships and connections between words and their synonyms. Created by the Cognitive Science Laboratory at Princeton University, this site is being developed as an educational tool for improving vocabulary and reading comprehension.

The WWW Anagram Generator

This cool site will form an anagram from any word, name, or phrase you type in. For example, the phrase "New Riders," when anagrammed forms the phrases, "Sir, we rend" and "sewn drier," among others.


Dance Floor Etiquette

Provides a diagram of a dance floor with the dance areas outlined (i.e. line dances, flow dances, swing dances, etc.).

Toilet Training: An Online Guide to Urinal Etiquette

The title speaks for itself.

USENET Etiquette

Provides information about politely posting messages to Usenet newsgroups.


Betsy Ross Homepage

Provides information about Betsy Ross, history of the U.S. Flag, pictures of U.S. flags, and links to other flag-related sites. Also has instructions for cutting a five-pointed star in one snip.

The Flag of the United States of America

Provides flag etiquette, history of the U.S. flag, text of the Declaration of Independence, National Anthem, and Pledge of Allegiance to the flag. The Pledge is in English, German, and Spanish. Information about obtaining a flag that was flown over the U.S. Capitol. Links to other flag-related sites. Poetry, songs, etc. about the flag.

The Flag-Burning Page

Yes, this is the page where you can burn a virtual flag. This site provides information about the proposed Constitional amendment on flag burning, information on the history of flag-burning, a legal definition of "flag," and information on contacting members of Congress.

Flags of the 19th and 20th Century

Provides pictures of flags, primarily from the Netherlands and surrounding countries, plus a few African countries.

National Flag Foundation

Information about how to become a member of the National Flag Foundation.

Save Old Glory From Flames Home Page

This site is in response to the Flag-Burning Page. One can add one's name to a list of people that support the Constitional amendment to outlaw flag-burning. Also has links to other politics-related sites.


Cool Site of the Month for Genealogists

The Colorado Genealogy Society sponsors this site, which provides links to sites that meet the following criteria: they are not widely known to genealogists working on the Web, they provide an example of good genealogical work, or they contain valuable information for genealogists.

The Genealogy Home Page

This extensive set of pages offers information about maps and geography, communication with other genealogists, a compendium or genealogy databases, a list of other genealogy home pages, and other genealogy resources, both in North America and around the world.

The Genealogy Page

This poignant site specializes in genealogy advice for those who lost relatives in the Holocaust, but offers links to other genealogy sites as well.

Genealogy Resources on the Internet

Chris Gaunt and John Fuller, creators of this site, offer a comprehensive list of genealogy information accessible through mailing lists, newsgroups, telnet, e-mail, and ftp, gopher, and World Wide Web sites.

Genealogy Resources on the Internet

Paula M. Goblirsch offers another comprehensive list of Internet resources devoted to genealogical research, plus a collection of German surnames that she is researching.

Roots Surname List Name Finder

This forms-based site contains over 92,000 surnames contributed by over 6,000 genealogists. It enables you to type in any surname and, if a match is found, it will display the surname along with a list of people researching that name.

Treasure Maps: The "How-To" Genealogy Site

Offering a wealth of information about researching family history, this site offers tips for newcomers to genealogy and what to do if you "hit a wall" in your research.


Happy Birthday, America!

Offering audio files of Vice President Al Gore and the Star Spangled Banner, this page celebrates the Fourth of July with multimedia, in addition to providing links to important governmental and historical sites.

Christmas around the World

Asia, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, and the Netherlands are among the regions with Christmas traditions explained on this site. Here you will also learn how to say "Merry Christmas" in over 30 languages and you will find a list of other holidays that fall around the Christmas season.

Chinese New Year

Because the Chinese New Year is celebrated at a different time each year, this site explains how to determine when the New Year falls, offers a history of the Chinese New Year, and explains its traditions.

Easter in Cyberspace: A Christian Perspective

This page reminds Easter celebrators of the "true meaning" of the holiday. You might not find jelly beans or bunnies, but you will find a collection of links about the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Kwanzaa Information Center

Here you'll find reams of information about the background and purpose, symbols,and principles of Kwanzaa, as well as a schedule for Kwanzaa Celebration.

Passover on the Net

This beautifully illustrated page offers the story of Passover, information about the Seder meal (plus recipes), and a collection of downloadable Passover songs in MIDI format. Be aware though that the lavish backgrounds won't show up in all browsers and the graphics might be a memory drain.

World Wide Holidays and Events

This cool, searchable calendar lists the holidays and events celebrated on any given day. You can look up the holidays that fall on the day you access the calendar (April 13 is Songkran Day in Thailand, for example) or you can search the full calendar for a day of your choosing.

The Yom Tov Page

On this page is a collection of links and information about the Jewish holidays.



This site contains a list of links to information that is especially useful for acquisitions librarians. Some of the links include telnet links to searchable databases such as OCLC, RLIN, WLN, Dialog, Lexis/Nexis, LOCIS, and HYTELNET; links to Web sites for publishers, vendors, and library associations; links for newsletters and journals; and links to general reference resources.

American Society of Indexers home page

Provides links to online resources for indexers, information about conferences and workshops, local chapter meeting and contact information. List of links to various online reference resources such as dictionaries, encyclopedias, thesauri, etc.

Building Digital Libraries on the Web

Provides links to various digital libraries, hardware/software needed to establish digital libraries, and copyright information. This page is helpful for someone wanting to establish a digital library or wanting to keep abreast of the new technologies for digital libraries and other Web searching. Also includes Web searching capabilities.

Celebrate Libraries

This site was established for National Library Week and contains information about Log On Day at Gardiner Public Library in Maine, the library of the year in Charlotte, NC, a quiz about libraries and their history, trivia about libraries, a link to "Who Reads What?" which details the reading interests of various celebrities, and information about joining FOLUSA (Friends of Libraries USA).

Christian Classics Ethereal Library

With hundreds of fiction and non-fiction titles, hymns and choral music, and even a study bible, this site offers an extensive collection of excellent spiritual titles, all in the public domain.

Internet Public Library

Includes resources for children, teenagers, and adults. The reference center allows one to ask questions of a live librarian (not a computer). The youth services and teen divisions have links to both books and other resources, such as writing contests, college information, science projects, and author question-and-answer sessions. A section is also devoted to information for libraries and other information professionals. Other features include tutorials, an exhibit hall, reading room with browsable full-text resources, links to Web search engines, and a MOO (Multi-User Object Oriented) environment for browsing the library.

Internet Resources for Cataloging

Contains list of links and detailed information about accessing various Web, Gopher, and Telnet sites especially useful when cataloging library materials.

Librarians' professional resources

Provides list of links to other library-related sites, arranged into categories of "indexes," "topics in library science," "types of libraries and collections", and "computers and libraries."

Library Job Hunting

Provides information for library professionals who are searching for a job. Contains links to Web sites for library-related associations, Web and Gopher sites for career information, and addresses for library-related mailing lists.

The Library of Congress

Provides access to the Library of Congress online catalog through Telnet searches of LOCIS, Gopher searches of LC MARVEL, the Library of Congress FTP site, and the Library of Congress Z39.50 Gateway. Other databases available for searching include Vietnam Era Prisoner of War/Missing in Action database, Task Force Russia database, Global Legal Information Network (GLIN), THOMAS (full-text legislative information), and the National Digital Library. This site is a must for librarians because it includes valuable information about Library of Congress standards for cataloging, acquisitions, and book preservation; frequently asked reference questions; links to international, federal, state, and local government information; links to Internet search engines and meta-indexes; a link to the U.S. Copyright Office home page; and information about Library of Congress special events and exhibits.

Library Resource List

This site contains lists of links to other sites, arranged into the categories of Reference Resources, New Sites and Search Engines, Government Resources, Library Sites, Professional Information, and Libraries, the Net and the NII (National Information Infrastructure). Although the site is geared toward libraries and government information, there is still information here that is valuable for anyone doing research on the Internet or just surfing the Net for fun.

National Archives and Records Administration

Includes both searchable and browsable services for locating government information via the Government Information Locator Service (GILS). Has links to the Federal Register, the National Archives and Records Administration Library, and the presidential libraries. The presidential libraries' page also includes the addresses, phone numbers, fax numbers, e-mail addresses, and links to the home pages for the presidential libraries. Also has links for geneological research.

OCLC Online Computer Library Center, Inc.

Contains information especially useful for librarians and other information professionals. Has links to OCLC documents and forms, a search engine for searching OCLC information, and demonstrations of OCLC services. Actual logon to some OCLC services is available by subscription only.

A Plethora of Web Sites: The Librarian's Meta-List

Table of contents consists of a couple dozen very broad categories which then provide links to relevant sites. Extremely useful as a starting place for Web browsing or research. Some of the categories include libraries, law, health and medicine, music, travel, government, education, and religion.

School Libraries on the Web: A Directory

Contains a browsable list of school library Web pages, arranged alphabetically by state. Also contains links to school libraries in Australia, Canada, Japan, and Sweden.

Smithsonian Institution Libraries

Includes links to the various Smithsonian Museums, a search engine for locating information within the Smithsonian, information about visiting Washington, DC, information about how to become a member of the Smithsonian, a map showing the locations of most of the Smithsonian Museums, and a browsable shopping area.

Understanding Call Numbers

This site explains how to read Library of Congress classification call numbers to locate materials on the shelves. The location prefixes information is specific to the Honolulu Community College Library, but the call number descriptions and Library of Congress classification tables are useful for locating materials in any library that uses LC call numbers (as opposed to Dewey Decimal system).

WWW Library Directory

Click on a country name to be presented with a list of links to libraries in that country. Most of the countries currently represented are European (both East and West) and North American, although there are a few Asian, Middle Eastern, and South American countries also. Also has links to other library-related resources.


Color Landform Atlas of the United States

This service, offered by the John Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, provides topographical and county maps for every state in the U. S. plus links to map lists at Yahoo, City Net, and Virtual Tourist.

Country Maps from W3 Servers in Europe

This clearinghouse site offers a clickable imagemap that lists the countries of Europe. Clicking a country's flag takes you to a map of that country. Maps vary in quality (the United Kingdom's map mainly listed universities, not cities or regions, while the link to the European Union didn't even offer a map), but all of Europe is represented. The pages offer English descriptions in addition to commentary in the country's native tongue.

International Map Trade Association

Offers links to member stores' Web sites and a geographical directory of map and travel book retailers.

Mapmaker, Mapmaker, Make Me a Map

Although this site is ostensibly aimed at children, adults and kids alike will enjoy this site's presentation of how cartographers create maps.


This remarkable but graphics-intensive site offers a number of map-related services. First, MapQuest has an interactive atlas that enables you to find virtually any street address or business in the continental United States. TripQuest will plot out a route from any city in the U.S. to any other. MapQuest offers Java applets and an interactive "walk" through their site.

National Atlas Information Service (of Canada)

The NAIS offers for sale at this site both conventional and digital maps of Canada.

The Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection

This collection, based at the University of Texas at Austin, contains over 230,000 maps from all over the world. Be aware that the electronic version of the maps can be quite large--many of them are 300 KB or larger. Download times can be slow and the maps might tax your browser. The Frequently Asked Questions page offers tips for viewing these maps.

Rare Map Collection at the Hargrett Library

The Hargrett Library, at the University of Georgia Library, offers over 800 rare maps from the16th through the early 20th century. Early maps depict the New World, while others chart Colonial and Revolutionary America, the Civil War, and Georgia's Revolutionary period, cities, and coastal areas. File sizes are large and downloads are slow.

National Atlas of Canada on SchoolNet

This site, offered in both English and French, offers demographic maps based on Canada's languages and aging population, maps of wetlands and natural hazards, an atlas of Canadian communities, and an interactive geography quiz.

VIBE's World Map

VIBE, an online magazine on Time-Warner's Pathfinder site, offers this world map page. Clicking on the time zone colors brings up the local time for that area plus a list of Web sites of cities in the region.


Conversion Factor Table

The interface is a bit clumsy, but the information is thorough. Here's how it works: You want to know how many centimeters are in 10 meters. You find meters in the table, see that the conversion factor (or c.f.) is 100 (100 centimeters equal 1 meter), and multiply that number by 10. Ten meters equal 1000 centimeters.

Engineering, Scientific Unit Converter

This forms-based tool will convert values in a number of categories: acceleration, angle, area, current, force, inductance, mass, power, time, torque, velocity, volume, and many others.

Measurements Converter

Select from a list of measurement types that includes weight, volume, length, area, speed, pressure, temperature, circular measure, and time; the script will convert miles to kilometers, ounces to metric tons, and centuries to seconds.

Miscellaneous Reference

The Better Business Bureau

Consumers and businesses alike will find reams of valuable information on this site, which provides membership information, offers tips on how and when to file a complaint, explains what a reliability report is and how to obtain one, lists online publications for consumers and businesses, and links to local Bureaus.

Bow Brummell: Where Cyberians Learn the Manly Art of Tying a Bow Tie

This humorous page offers diagrams and instructions on how to tie a bow tie. Arguably the most noteworthy thing about the diagrams is that the man in the picture is clearly not tying his own tie.

Central Notice

Billing itself as the place to find information that you aren't aware of not knowing about (as opposed to information that you don't know, but you realize that you don't know it--make sense?), Central Notice posts listings of product recalls, class action lawsuits, and missing children while also assisting with consumer problems and providing lists of holidays, both important and trivial.

Clocks and Time

More than you ever wanted to know about how time is measured and clocks and watches are made. This site offers articles about clockmaking and watchmaking; links to books, journals, and museums dedicated to clocks and watches; bulletin boards that discuss timepieces; and national and international agencies for time.

The Consumer Information Center

With a browsable catalog, consumer news on topics like car- and home-buying and children's health, lists of publications, and links to other consumer sites, the CIC's site is another valuable consumer resource.

The DataStar Information Retrieval Service

This service of Knight-Ridder Information provides a searchable index to over 400 databases culled widely from sources such as automotive industry data; import/export trade statistics; pharmaceutical, biomedical, and healthcare information; and European news organizations.

Disaster Information Network

Offering information about current and historical disasters, this site covers natural disasters, fires (both natural and manmade), and acts of terrorism.


Listing the final resting places for hundreds of celebrities and VIPs, this macabre site offers notable graves geographically or alphabetically, pictures of famous graves, and links to other tomb-related sites.

Gray Ghost: The Links You Use Everyday

A cornucopia of references is what this site offers. Standard, office, scientific, World Wide Web, computer industry, and government and military references, plus links to maps and geographical sites, and museums are all located here.

Internet Nonprofit Center

This excellent and extensive grouping of links to nonprofit sites offers a search engine that will locate almost any U.S. charity, provides links to home pages for non-profit groups, and even offers a library of rankings of charities and a "Donor Defense Kit" to help separate the wheat from the chaff when charities contact you for donations.

Jumble & Crossword Solver

Stumped by a scrambled word game or a crossword puzzle? This simple interface allows you to either enter the jumbled letters (for example, "tbona") or the word you need with question marks in the spaces you can't fill (for instance, "ba?o?") and this page will return a word or list of words that answers your query. In the first example, this page unjumbled "tbona" into "baton" and, in the second, provided "bacon," "baron," "baton," and "bayou" for "ba?o?."

Morse Code and the Phonetic Alphabets

Contains the phonetic alphabets in British English, American English, international English, international aviation English, Italian, and German and the Morse code equivalent for all letters plus some punctuation marks.

Morse Code Translator

Translates typewritten Morse code (i.e. dots and dashes) into text and text into Morse code.

MRX - Morse Receive and Transmit Training

Download a copy of MRX from this Web site. MRX is a software program designed to provide training in Morse code. Software system requirements are DOS 4.0, 286 PC, sound card or PC Speaker, VGA monitor, and a joystick port.

My Virtual Reference Desk

This site bills itself as a "one-stop reference for all things Internet." Although it is mainly a collection of links, it maintains a thorough and comprehensive database of references on a vast array of subjects

The Nobel Foundation

In addition to offering a list of present winners, this official site presents a searchable database for past winners. Unfortunately, however, you cannot browse the list of winners or see biographical information about each winner. This site does, however, offer a bio of Alfred Nobel and discusses his motivations for founding the Prizes, in addition to explaining how Nobel Laureates are nominated and selected.

The Nobel Prize Internet Archive

Listing both the 1995 Nobel Prize winners (announced in October) and all previous winners in every category, this site also links to biographical information about many of the winners. The interface is much easier to navigate than the Noble Foundation's official site.

The Obituary Page

This morbidly fascinating page offers death hoaxes, in addition to the lifespans of famous figures from literature, movies, music, politics, sciences, sports, radio and TV, and visual arts.

The Official Wicked Hair-Dyeing Page

The authors, a brother and sister at Stanford University, provide a great deal of information here about the equipment needed to dye hair; some dos and don'ts for those who wish to dye; variables such as natural hair color, shampoos, conditioners, heat, and moisture; permanent versus semipermanent dyes; and products that they have tried.

On-Line Reference Works

Carnegie Mellon University provides this list of links to dictionaries, Internet resources, geographical references, bibliographies, and legal and government resources.

The Reporter's Internet Survival Guide

Patrick Casey, an Associated Press reporter in Oklahoma, created this online catalog of reference materials for reporters on a deadline. Despite that, this is a valuable reference for anyone needed access to a wide variety of information.


This table-based site requires the use of either Netscape Navigator or Microsoft's Internet Explorer. By using forms you can search through dictionaries and thesauri; find acronyms or quotations; translate words between English and French and English and Japanese; find maps, area codes, and 800 numbers; look up currency exchange rates and stock quotes; and even track packages through the United States Postal Service, UPS, and FedEx.

The Scout Report

Net Scout Services publishes this weekly report (via e-mail and the Web) cataloging new and newly discovered resources and tools available on the Internet. Aimed at researchers and educators, The Scout Report offers its archives on the Web for both browsing and searching.

Standard Industrial Classifications (SIC) Index

Browsable list of the 1987 edition of the SIC index (latest available). List is arranged alphabetically by subject.

"Ten Codes"

Lists the official meanings of the 10 codes used by police departments.

THOR+: The Virtual Reference Desk

This information-rich site at the Purdue University Library provides references to many Web resources including the following: government documents, information technology, dictionaries and language reference, phone books and area codes, maps and travel information, science data, time and date information, and ZIP and postal codes.


This page offers general guidelines for how much to tip in certain situations: restaurants, hotels, valet parking, train stations and airports, cruise ships, and the like.

Today's Fun Fact

Compiled from different sources, this site offers one new bit of trivia every day.

The WWW Virtual Library

This Web-based library offers hundreds of subjects in science, mathematics, art, literature, music, culture, museums, religion, spirituality, sport, finance, and transportation. Truly eclectic, some of its more unusual categories include beer and brewing, paranormal phenomena, roadkill (!), whale watching Web, and yeasts.

UTLink: Resources by Subject

The University of Toronto Library maintains this site, which offers lists of resources, at U of T and beyond, in academic fields ranging from African and Black Studies to Women's Studies.

The World Fact Book 1995

Browsable list is arranged alphabetically by country. Contains the text of the CIA World Fact Book for 1995, including the appendices and reference maps. The information provided for each individual country includes a map of the country with major cities marked and other information broken down into the categories of geography, people, government, economy, transportation, communications, and defense forces.

World Population

This site offers an estimate of the current world population at the time you access it.

World Population Figures

This excellent and extensive site clearly presents population data for every region of the world. You can find here as well lists of the 25 countries with the largest surface area, the 25 countries with the largest population, and the 25 largest cities in the world. The data are presented in tables, which means that not all browsers can display the information.


European Patent Office

Contains information about the European Patent Office, information about obtaining a European patent, and links to other patent information sites.

Source Translation & Optimization (STO) Internet Patent Search System

Searchable by either class/subclass code or patent number. Provides a browsable list of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) classification system to determine the class/subclass code. Search returns patent number, title, and year of issue for all patents that meet the search criteria.

National Association of Patent Practitioners

Provides links to Web sites for international patent offices, U.S. patent laws and court rulings, intellectual property organizations and newsletters, patent search engines, and specific patent firms. Also has membership information for joining the National Association of Patent Practitioners.

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office

Provides both search and browse capabilities for the U.S. Patent Bibliographic database and the AIDS Patent database, information on ordering copies of patents, links to legal information relating to patents, and links to other related Web sites.

Wacky Patent of the Month

Clicking on the patent number of the winning patent will give you a complete description of the patented device along with all the figures that accompanied the patent when it was applied for. Also available are the prior winners of the "Wacky Patent of the Month", from September 1995 to the present.

Phone Numbers Area Code Look-Up

Searchable by city and/or state name for U.S. or Canadian area codes, or browsable by area code or state name. Returns area code and corresponding city/state. Area code links lead to a business look-up directory that is browsable by category or searchable by business name.

Airline Toll-Free Numbers and Websites

Browsable list of both domestic and international airlines with corresponding 800 numbers and links to Web sites if available.

American Computer Resources, Inc.

Provides browsable list of international country and city telephone codes, plus instructions for dialing overseas (outside of the United States) phone numbers. Also includes a link to "Telephone Directories on the Web."

The AmeriCom Long Distance AREA DECODER

Input city, state, and/or country to receive the area or country code and AmeriCom rates. Input the area code, country code, AmeriCom per minute rate, and/or AmeriCom in state rate to receive the city, state, or country and the AmeriCom rates. Also has information about AmeriCom international business opportunities.

AT&T Internet Toll Free 800 Directory

Browsable by category, or searchable by company name, city, state, and/or category. Also includes information about AT&T.


Searchable by business name, category, city, and/or state for a quick search. Search can also be narrowed by using the ZIP code, area code, street name, or map location. Search returns name, address, and telephone number of businesses matching search criteria. Option is available for seeing business location on a map.


Search for businesses by city, state, business name, category, address, and/or ZIP code. Returns full address including ZIP+4 and telephone number for all businesses matching the search criteria. Also includes links to other world-wide telephone directories and Web search engines, business information for setting up Web sites, and advertising information for advertising at this BigYellow site.

Central Source Yellow Pages

Searchable by category, company name, phone number, and/or business opportunity. Includes links for international yellow pages, dictionaries, newspapers, and other online resources. Contains browsable list of Internet service providers throughout the United States, although this list is not complete. List is browsable by state name only.

The Internet 800 Directory

Searchable by keyword and state. Returns businesses matching the search criteria and their corresponding 1-800 telephone numbers, up to a maximum of 100 businesses.

Mutual Fund Company Directory

Lists mutual fund companies from the United States, Bahamas, Canada, Germany, Great Britain, Hong Kong, Hungary, and Luxembourg. Browsable list of companies is arranged alphabetically by country and includes the telephone number (usually a 1-800 number) of the mutual fund company and a link to their Web site, if available.

National Telephone & Communications (NTC) Tele-Locator

Searchable by state name, area code, city code, telephone number prefix, telephone number, or country code (for countries outside the United States). Returns city, state, area code, and/or telephone number prefix as applicable.

PC Phone List

Provides technical support phone numbers for computer hardware and software. Enter the name of the company or the software, and the program returns all technical support telephone numbers (and bulletin board services if available) that match the search terms.

Period.Com Airlines!

Browsable list of domestic, foreign, and shipping airlines with their 800 numbers. Provides links to airline Web sites where available.


Enter a phone number to receive all possible letter combinations for that phone number, or enter letters to receive the phone number corresponding to those letters. Also includes information about obtaining phonetic telephone numbers and an explanation for why calculator and telephone keypads are different.


Search for either businesses or people. For people searches, enter last name, first name, city, and/or state to return name, address, and phone number of all people matching the search criteria. For business searches, enter the company name, city, and/or state to return the name, address, and phone number of all businesses matching the search criteria. Registered users may also personalize and update their own listings.

Telephone Directories on the Web

List of links to telephone directories all over the world, plus one or two lines about each directory detailing what it covers, what language it is in, and whether it is very good or not. Also includes a few other phone-related links, plus a link to an art gallery and a link for international television schedules.

What does your phone number spell?

Enter a 3-digit prefix, a 7-digit phone number, or some letters. Returns real words (not just letter combinations) that match the given numbers; returns the phone number that matches the letters if letters are given as the search criteria.

World Telecom Directories

Select country name from list, then type in company name. Returns list of companies and corresponding fax numbers. This address is for locating fax numbers for Asian and Pacific region countries.

World Yellow Pages Network (

U.S. and Canadian businesses are searchable by company name and state, phone number, or ZIP code. The white pages are searchable by name, phone number, or keyword. Searches return all entries matching the search criteria, up to a maximum of 100 returns. The white pages also contain search capabilities for locating e-mail addresses of individuals. In addition to providing yellow and white pages searches, this site also allows businesses and individuals to create their own home page for this site and to update it at their convenience.

Yellow Pages Online, Inc.

Searchable by heading keyword, company name, or brand name. Returns company name and phone number for all entries that match the search criteria.


Searchable by geographic area (city, state, county), company name, and/or heading keyword. Returns name, address, and phone number for all entries that match the search criteria.

Postal Information

Geographic Nameserver

Index is searchable by ZIP code or city name. Results returned include city, county, state, country, and ZIP code. Latitude, longitude, population, and elevation are returned if available. If more than one city matches the search criteria, then information on all matching cities is returned.

National Address and ZIP+4 Browser

Searchable by company name, street address, city, state, and ZIP code. Returns closest matches along with ZIP+4 code. After information is returned, option is given to browse addresses in the same geographical location. Also includes list of state code abbreviations.

United States Postal Service

Includes information about stamp releases, pictures of stamps available, searchable index for ZIP+4 codes, state and address abbreviations, preferred addressing methods, size standards for mail, postage rates for both domestic and international mail delivery, history of the USPS, news releases, calendar of events, and other postal-related information. The business section of this Web site includes information both for the mailing needs of businesses and for the business needs of the USPS. Businesses wishing to sell products to the USPS will find a purchasing manual and information about selling products to the USPS at this Web site.

The Zipper

Input a five-digit ZIP code to obtain the name, address, and phone number of either the Congressional representative or Senators for that ZIP code. Search returns name, Washington office address, phone number, fax number, and e-mail address (if available) of representative or Senator. A link to the representative's or Senator's home page is provided if available. Also includes a couple of links to other sites for Congressional information.


Advertising Quotes

Jef Richards, an Adverising Professor at the University of Texas at Austin, has collected here a set of quotations about the world of advertising. The Index includes over 60 subcategories, ranging from Advertising Is... to Wearout. Highlights along the way include Billboards, Critics, Evil, Fantasy & Dreams, Honesty, Manipulation, Morality & Ethics, Puffery, Sex, and Value.

Ash's Choice Quotations

A list of dozens of quotations sorted by last name.

Bartlett's Familiar Quotations

The Ninth Edition of John Bartlett's famous book, published in 1901, has been converted to HTML format and posted to the Web by Project Bartleby, an extensive Web-based literature library established by Columbia University.

The "Best of" Edward Gibbon's Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire

This set of quotes, some quite lengthy, have been posted to the Web by Mark Zimmerman, who finds Gibbon's work to be quite relevant to current events.

Bon Mots from the Supermodels

This witty site of quotations from the glamorous proves once again that you don’t need to be an intellectual to be internationally famous.

Conventional Wisdom: Selected Quotations Illustrating the Illusions of Popular History

This set of quotations debunks popular notions about history and society. Among the subjects are The Fall of the Roman Empire, Columbus and the Spanish Conquest, Pocahontas, Our Founding Fathers, A Day That Will Live in Infamy, Lucky Lindy, and The March of Science. For example, the page's author uses Abraham Lincoln's own quotations to prove that he once supported slavery.

The Curmudgeon Quotelist

If a curmudgeon is a cantankerous person, as the dictionary says, then this site will be a curmudgeon's dream. Be sure to check out the reasons the Web author found these quotes worth including.

Dave's Searchable Quote Database

This forms-based database contains over 6,500 quotes. You can search them by subject--say, death or taxes--or you can select to have the form randomly draw a quote from the database.

Don's Doctor Who Interesting Quote Archive

This frames-based archive is accessible only on Netscape Navigator 2.0. The quotes originated on the British low-tech science fiction show Doctor Who. Topics include art, history, the human race, love, politics, and other pithy topics.

Frank Lloyd Wright Quotes

Read on as the master architect expounds on architecture, government, nature, and life. This site is part of a larger Frank Lloyd Wright page offered by the Marin County (California) Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Labor Quotes Page

LaborNet, a community of labor unions and activists using the Internet to communicate, gathered together this compendium of quotes about labor-related issues. Subjects include solidarity, strikes and other acts of civil disobedience, working conditions, negotiations, hope, attitudes of the rich and famous, oppression, politics and politicians, women in the labor movement, and class and inequality.

The Official Internet Quayle Quote List

Okay, maybe we should finally be leaving our former Vice-President alone, but when the material he's provided is so funny, how can you refuse to enjoy it? This collection is divided into a number of subcategories, making Quayle's comments on issues such as International Affairs easy to locate. Ironically, though, the Webmaster here has inadvertantly included some "Quayle-isms" of his own: In lamenting Quayle's departure from public life, for example, the Webmaster consoles himself with, "We do have his book to look forward to as well as his bid for the presidency in 1994."

Outriders of Reality Reference Manual & Travel Guide

According to David Harvie, the "Chief Scout" of Outriders of Reality, this oddball listing of quotes "…is a collection of errant pieces of knowledge, quips of non-conventional wisdom found in graffiti, e-mail taglines, bumperstickers, buttons, and snatches of conversions heard while standing in fast-food checkout lines." Subjects are covered with irreverent humor.


This collection of over 5,000 quotations is grouped into recent quotes, advice, great leaders, proverbial wisdom, sarcasm, annoying proverbs, malapropisms, random visions, poetry, aphorisms, definitions, miscellaneous or anonymous quotes, and selections from William Shakespeare and comedian Steven Wright. This site also maintains an extensive collection of links to other quotation pages.

Quotations About Libraries and Librarians

The International Federation of Libraries Associations and Institutions has put together this selection of quotes from authors, statesmen, and celebrities regarding the importance of libraries.

Quotations of William Blake

This page offers, in somewhat of a hodgepodge, a list of quotations by the radical poet.

Quotes, Quotes, and More Quotes

Offering quotes from movies and song lyrics, this site also includes quotes about sex, music, love, and God.

Welcome to the Introspect Library

Here are gathered quotes written to inspire and motivate. The page is billed as "a place for quiet inspiration and meditation."

Zappa Quote of the Day

Offers a new random quote each day from one of the geniuses of rock music.





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